Scenic Lookout Rejection. Asking for help on improvement

Title: Northlake: Rainbow Fountain

Description: A mesmerizing spectacle that transcends the ordinary and transforms water into a symphony of light and color.

Supplemental Information: Please understand that the location is the combination of the "Scenic Lookout" and the 50 foot tall water fountain. The scenic lookout is located at an increased elevation to enhance the Fountain's ability to display a rainbow. The fountain itself is 50 feet tall and lights up at night. Every day around noon, a rainbow will appear at this very spot and will last for a couple of hours. The rainbow may be viewed all across the southern sphere, which faces the sun. Depending on the angle you are standing, the rainbow may appear anywhere from the base to the tip of the fountain, making the viewing angle very generous. The position of this fountain and the hiking trail path is absolutely perfect.

Post Rejection: I am here because this POI was rejected, but I am hoping to receive some guidance on how to improve the language to help get this POI approved. I completely understand that this fountain itself is located in the water, therefore it does not have pedestrian access. Which was the main reason it was rejected. But my argument for this POI is that the focus should be based on the Scenic Lookout which does have pedestrian access. Each day it produces a beautiful view. On windy days, the fountain water can splash 500 feet up into the lake, producing even more outrageous rainbows.


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    Just a random spot where you are able to see the fountain is not going to be "distinct" and will get the "temporary or seasonal" rejection. If there is truly a place designated for viewing the fountain that is identifiable, then have that in the photo. I can't tell what the structure in the left edge of your photo about midway up is, but is that something? I am thinking about something like this:,-78.850277


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