Description (and maybe title) Edit - Soldiers Statue

Title of the Wayspot: Soldiers Statue

Location:,-88.017551 / 30.683279,-88.017551

City: Mobile, AL

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Additional information:

Here's the original wayspot's photo:

I made an appeal about this portal and its duplicate - somewhat complex situation which was not resolved properly. Probably TL;DR, which is sad.

But anyways...

This monument is not just "soldiers statue". It's called either "An Unheralded Breed of Soldier" according to Historical Marker Database (which was mentioned in the duplicate appeal) or "Alabama War Dog Memorial" according to Vietnam Dog Handler Association, and is dedicated to dogs that have served and are serving in **** forces.

Considering the wayspot has no description (ignored suggestion in duplicate appeal), I don't see why mine can't go there:

I am pretty sure it was rejected by the community only because of wayspot's name, which mentions nothing about dogs.

You can also get the description from the removed "An Unheralded Breed of Soldier", I'm totally cool with that. Still better than nothing.

While we're at it, I submitted title change, too, but got no response since January 2022:

Feel free to change to that or to "An Unheralded Breed of Soldier", either one is better than the lazy "Soldiers Statue".

Oh, and maybe if you could also add the photo from the removed "An Unheralded Breed of Soldier" to this one, that would be great.



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