Are subdivision signs now acceptable?

I've been out of the reviewing side for a while now, but I'm noticing a lot more subdivision signs become wayspots. Has the criteria changed and these are now acceptable, or did they get through with luck?


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    The criteria have not changed. It is just that some nominators see other signs as Wayspots and think they are (or should be) eligible.

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    I almost never submit these as I don't think they meet any criteria. But I'm going to show one that I added not too long ago. This is not the image I submitted (because it's from Google). I wanted to obscure the neighborhood name but I'm pointing to where the name is written on the sign. As you can see, this is a pavilion with a sidewalk running up to it. This is NOT just a brick wall with the name of the neighborhood on it. I can't imagine how often people actually gather and hang out here, but it is architecturally unique in our area.

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    I like that. I voted in favor of this one because of the art work on it:

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    If they fall under the criteria then sure.

    But that doesn’t mean reviewers will like them even if they qualify. I had one accepted after an appeal and it went into Niantic voting.

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    Housing developments are generic businesses. There are millions of them. Neighborhood sign, apartment sign - either is built for sales purposes.

    Often a neighborhood sign is on the edge of a single family residence, which is rejectable as private property.

    At best, it meets the first 4 questions, but none of the last three: socialize, exercise, explore. No one does any of those things at the sign.

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    Thank you. I have often thought this but didn't know how to get around it correctly. I can't put a sign up beside my drive that says "Higgins' Farm" and get a stop out front. Although it has been here now on 105 years. Under mine or my wife's family name. 😅🤣😂

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    Neighborhood and Subdivision signs are almost always on private property. Niantic has stated in the past to consider marking locations within a few m of a property line as private property, Niantic seems to want to stay away from creating nuisance wayspots. If there's a sign clearly not part of private property, maybe it has a pocket park next to it, that might be ok.

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    If it’s on a public space close but outside of the private property line the ruling is to give consideration to a wayspot that close, but it does not rule out the wayspot. If it’s not likely to cause an issue it’s fine.

  • I am new to this, but one of the first things I was asked to review or edit was a sign for an apartment community. Clearly it does not meet the criteria but how do I go about rejecting, down-voting or critiquing the nomination? All I see is the button to report abuse or offensive content or to submit unedited.

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    Thumbs down for the last three questions.

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    Keep in mind that we can't reject things anymore. It's not based a five star system. Consider the questions:

    First the screening questions ...

    Is the location appropriate to be visited by pedestrians? - Uh, sure, as long as their it's not private property. It's likely community property.

    Is the location safe and publicly accessible by pedestrians? - Again, mostly likey it will get a pass, unless it's in the middle of a street.

    Is the submitted photo, title, location, and description (if exists) accurate and informative?  - Sure

    Is the location a permanent, physical, tangible, and identifiable place or object that placemarks an area? - Yep. The neighborhood sign isn't coming down.

    OK, so I could see how a neighborhood sign could pass the screening questions. Then, IMO, they have to meet at least one of the remaining criteria. I think this is where they should fail, and yet they seem to get approved.

    Is this a good place for people to meet and socialize? - I would say no, but can see where some would say "yes", thinking it's a neighborhood and people are neighborly.

    Is this a good place for light physical activity? - I would say no, but someone could say "yes" because you can walk past it.

    Do you think this location is significant to the local community?  - Again, I would say no. but others may say it defines the community. Whatever.

    All this gets dumped into Niantic's algorithm and they decide. And recently they have decided it's perfectly OK to have a neighborhood sign.

    I decided to test it on my own and see if I could get these approved. I submitted 6. Three were rejected with in minutes (a bot). The others are in voting. I used similar wording for all of them ("Welcome Sign", "Community" and "Neighborhood"), and for the life of me can't figure out why half were rejected by bots.

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    Apartments are a business, a very uninteresting one at that. You are free to vote however or you can just click not appropriate, generic business.

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    I consider that an instant wayspot. Look at the pedestrian accessible paths, the roof, the substantial nature of the infrastructure. It sits on the land as a welcome. It encourages walks by just being there. It's not a grand view but it provides a "third" space.

  • MargariteDVille-INGMargariteDVille-ING Posts: 2,764 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think that's a school bus stop. Not a transportation hub. For children.

    The nominator would have to prove to me that anything else happens there.

  • SeaprincessHNB-PGOSeaprincessHNB-PGO Posts: 1,553 Ambassador

    You're free to think that but you can't prove it. The rest of our community did not agree with you and approved it.

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    I think this is quite sad actually and makes me wonder where some of you are so lucky to live? Because the rural pokemon goer is dying out here! I’m so happy for those of you who do not have to fight the lack of stops to play HOWEVER you guys need to realize the ones of us out here with an entrance like this to our neighborhood WE ARE USING this area! We are putting babies in strollers and walking these sidewalks everywhere! We are also with our dogs on these sidewalks. A location just like this in my community just my best friend, myself, and our combined 6 kids makes a party of 8 out here excercising, exploring, visiting, creating memories, and sharing stories but one thing you won’t here any of us screaming for joy about is Pokemon go… no completed tasks, no shinys, no grunt work, no collecting of revives, potions, balls or fruit.

    For some of us going to areas just like this are where we turn around or catch our breath :/ They are signs.. the biggest most expensive signs that we spend hard earned Hoa money to pay for the construction of, installation of, maintenance of, holiday decorating, plant care, lawn care and repairs on. These aren’t people just trying to get anything approved IT IS THEM DOING THEIR BEST TO FIND SOMETHING THAT really matters in their location.

    Same with apartments covered in sidewalks, full of families and y’all won’t let them have the biggest sign to get into where they live? They can’t put sculptures out there it’s not their business! But if we could let them use the biggest name sign ever for their location why are we saying no? I have played the most dedicated hours to get to this point in the game just so I could keep the promise to my children that I would spend the time helping to make more poke stops for them so we didn’t have to drive so far to play and they wouldn’t be so sad and disappointed AT HOME trying to play. We walk by good waypoints all the time and my kids are so smart and say oh that’s a good spot for a pokestop and I tell them I know mommas trying to level up! I always thought this was a lack of people submitting anything out here but it is not. It’s the lack of acceptance to the rural community from the City community.

    I can not stress enough how expensive it is to add all these extra side walks in our communities. I know you don’t live there but we ARE USING THEM we are out here in the places you think we aren’t. If it will accommodate a stroller I promise there are dads, moms and kids out here trying to get something we can use to play the game. Please be more accepting of these beautiful entrance signs we’ve put so much thought into!

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    @Lefty5508-PGO Have you nominated anything yet? We can help you improve your nominations and also look for things nearby for you to nominate. “Most” eligible objects won’t be right inside your neighborhood, but maybe a nearby park, coffee shop, or karate studio? Something like that. Does your neighborhood have a community information board?

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    You're a 100% correct per Niantics posts. My only Caveat is Niantic makes no sense. My gut tells me any of those signs encourage exploring. Knowing where your going, communities, subdivisions IS exploring. To borrow from one of the games PMG, the whole cartoon is based around the central idea of going to far away lands (like Cities, or for smaller kids subdivisions) exploring and catching them all.

    For me, the fact that these don't encourage exploration is more like when your dad says "Cause I said so" rather than having any logic or sense. Especially since so much of wayfarer is built around communities setting their own standards (within the framework) and why the Upgrade System seems to be based on rewarding agreement with community rather than an objective criteria. Which also tends to make it where a critical mass of reviewers tend to overrule the objective critera and create a loop where more and more things are wrongly rejected or accepted. Take a look at Florida for example, these signs are routinely accepted in Florida so much so that any local Florida reviewer would accept or risk missing agreements and rating.

    Anyway, this post isn't meant to say ignore Niantic. Quite the contrary. It's simply meant to say I understand when I see a new one that not every wayfarer user is going to dig into Niantic Posts rather than using their own logic. And logically, the case can be made outside of Niantic Logic, that these signs are explore worthy.


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    There is an argument that can be made to the tune of get the player exploring for neighborhood signs. In the early days of Ingress the consensus at Niantic was that they were acceptable locations but they changed their tune probably because they're extremely common and they were often running into nuisance issues at private property. The first big wakeup was pogo gyms and really those are still a significant issue. My reasoning is that if a LFL isn't ok next to a house neither is a neighborhood sign.

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    That really doesn't explain things though, They could reverse themselves again and it would still not be allowed if it was on Single Family Private Property.

    And its not like there is any rule of a pokestop/gym can't be next door to PrP. Plenty of small parks, playgrounds, & churches nestled inside residential neighbors are approved. Let alone how often businesses on main road corners, have a house on side street next door t them.

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    I recently nominated an apartment name sign for the first time ever, as a favor to a friend, and it got rejected just as I expected it to be. But then I appealed it and Niantic ended up approving it, and it's not the first apartment sign approved on appeal that I've heard about. So you can try your luck with appeals @Lefty5508-PGO . I just wish there was consistency either way.

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