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Submitted a bunch of trailmarkers of a Trail in my Area. These are yellow circles made of metal. The AI rejected them, Appeal was rejected as non permanent. Its a official trail of my town and I also provided the Link to the Website. Aren't trailmarkers eligable any more? These things are made of metal - they last decades, why non permanent?

Link for Trail:

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    Tricky, it looks potentially valid but the markers themselves are unremarkable and could frankly be anything. I do get a ton of trail markers approved myself, but they look like this:

    A trailmarker with writing or a symbol on is much more likely to be accepted. The AI may also be marking you down for a tree rather than a marker post.

    I do think these are potentially valid - the wayspot is about the trail itself and not the marker, but I think you will have a difficult time getting that particular type of marker accepted. You did give supporting evidence and the trail is clearly marked on Google Maps which should help.

    Are all the markers the same? Perhaps you could try taking pictures of some different ones to see if the AI will budge.

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    Yes, they are all Just yellow circles with a few exceptions.

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    This foto is in another place and Foto needs to have the wayspot itself and the surroundings in it, otherwise it will be rejected.

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    Sometimes you can use a collage of photos if it helps in the supplementary- and explain what each is and its significance.

    Is there a website for the trail that would show how it is marked and the route. You can put the URL in the supplementary and say what it shows.

    This post by Niantic is considered the clearest description of what is acceptable

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    The thing with trail markers is that even though they are suitable for nominations, many reviewers do not know about it or do not consider it interesting or permanent enough. The first one is ok, everyone has their own taste. But with the constancy of markers in the form of large characters, I don't understand it at all. Let me tell you, the links don't work very well because most reviewers don't even check them. This idea above with the circle of photos seems interesting and I think I will test it myself.

    A few additional tips from me:

    1. Long descriptions justifying the nomination do not work because people do not read them. Therefore, it is best to write briefly, but include as much key information as possible. This may seem difficult, especially when the nomination is not accepted time and time again.

    2. It is best to write the justification in English (the description, however, if you want, in your native language or English), because not necessarily only people from your country will review it. For example, I regularly get nominations from the Czech Republic, even though I've been there probably 2-3 times on a trip. In addition, I live quite far from the Czech Republic.

    3. Even though few people check the links, it is still worth giving them. It is always some additional justification that the nomination is not groundless.

    4. It is worth making sure that the path with the trail marker is visible in the second photo. As long as it is a dirt path or sidewalk, there should be no problem with rejection for "lack of safe access". Although there are such trolls.

    5. Maybe a bit obvious, but I'll mention it anyway. Do not give up. You are not alone and more and more people are submitting nominations for trail markers. Therefore, the chances are increasing that they will begin to be regularly accepted around the world.

    Here are some photos of trail markers that are accepted in my area, although people still often reject this type of nominations.

  • Hi @Taipirinha-PGO, please refer to our updated criteria clarification on hiking trails and markers:


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