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I'm about to lose my mind here fellas. There is literally no reason based off everything that I know to be a fact and true about a nomination fitting the criteria for a way spot..... No reason in F*** this should get denied by any means. And I promise you Niantic if you deny this appeal just on principle I'm sending over information to my cousin who's an editor and chief at a well known and established far reaching news paper company... And what I'll do is I'll show pictures and send it to him of the ridiculous things that get decided to be way spots and then show the decision on a historical and extremely patriotic sign getting denied for no reason whatsoever and so I'll Make sure to impose that you guys at Niantic must then in fact be extreme leftists who doesn't support are American Patriots and the noble actions of fallen heroes who died fighting for this land so that you could be here to reject their honor duties they performed for this country. Oh trust me it'll go way further than this you don't even know. When I see the kind of signs and bulls*** that I see that gets accepted and then to have this get denied is utterly ridiculous please I will take this to a whole another level ! let's go there, we can get political. Or quite simply if anyone has any other suggestions on some small error that I made that I should change to get it nominated please tell me because otherwise there is no reason It should get denied I literally have seen veterans stop and park in the parking lot outside and take a picture beside the sign you mean to tell me it's not a historical sign or important cultural significance..... It was nominated by the go**mn military And the city sign designation for the purple heart was bestowed by the mayor and a brigadier general. Gtfoh Niantic. Please, I promise I would take this to a place you've never wanted to go and make something as small as rejected way spot something completely different because I have the resources to do so especially in this politically charged climate. By the way if you have any comments I will not respond to anything political that was just my statement as to my course of action if this gets denied in an appeal. If you have any helpful information though I wouldn't mind hearing it because I'm at a loss over here. And I don't even want to hear anything about close to the road It is more than far enough away from the side of the road as well as plenty of ample space in the parking lot

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