Move a wayspot that's not in any game

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I just had a wayspot accepted and upon checking the submission out, realised it's in the wrong place * + it is won't appear in any games because of its current wrong location.

Usually I would select the spot in-game and say location is wrong and await an email from Niantic saying my move was rejected, which I screenshot and post in the relevant forum here. From experience they won't deal with it without a rejection email, which I can't get without there being a stop in the game.

If a help chat is the way forward, does anyone have a link for it?

Many thanks.

  • *it's in an alley and GPS was moving all over the place. I manually put the pin in but somehow put it down the alley opposite. So my own fault! Luckily it's easy to see and verify the correct location.



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    You'll need to use the help chat. I'm surprised you don't already know how to do this as you're a regular poster here, but that's fair enough haha. Login to the wayfarer site and then go to the page linked below, and then tap the orange speech bubble icon in the corner.

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    I know I did it once before but I thought the chat was a specific one as I remember the bot asking for current co-ords and new co-ords whereas when I tried the orange chat bubble it seemed more generic. Its just been too long since I did it before 😆

    These days I rarely submit and even when I do, I have to appeal most of them to get them through because of what can only be abusive voting. But I don't visit the forums much these days because nothing actually changes and just added problems on top, like the AI/ML rejections. Doesn't seem worth the time and effort.

    Thanks for the link though, much appreciated 👍

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    Seems you get the automated bot questions after you choose to skip Remy...the automated bot 😆

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    Anyone help decode this reply from Niantic...

    What does 'verify the current status of the in-game location "Church's Together' mean?

    It doesn't appear in any game. It's in wayfarer and I gave co-ords + nane6so Niantic already know its current position .

    The other part sounds like they want a geo-tagged photo. It's not somewhere I go often.

    You don't have to be a genius to use the screenshots and yellow highlighting I provided to know the move is legit, along with the extra info I gave such as pointing out the floor/brick colour . Are Niantic now making something simple now more complicated and wanting us to jump through hoops?

    I'll happily leave it not in any game and not try and resolve it if it's much hassle to do something so simple now

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    I think it is one ask: The first step of their procedure is to request a recent geo-tagged photo so they don't waste time on requests for stuff that no longer exists.

    Perhaps, rather than just allowing the clock to run out, you can point out the date on Google Maps and Open Street Maps, and provide any web links that tell about Churches Together or even nearby establishments that can be seen in your photos or the above maps.

    Just show them what you can get your hands on, and ask them to go forward.

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    I've had them request that once before. I'm not sure why either as the location I was editing was clearly visible on street view, so it should've been a very easy edit. What I did was take more screenshots of the map plus provide an additional listing from a separate source that clearly showed the edit was valid and the original location was wrong, and then they moved it.

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    why they need to have the phrase “in -game” location in there is beyond me as it makes it very confusing.

    I do wonder how Remy and Emily might get on 🤔😉

  • Let me help.

    Our policies require us to be sure beyond any doubt before we can make any adjustments to any Wayspot. With the evidence that you had provided, it's not absolutely certain that the object connected to this Wayspot exists at the location you have requested it to be moved to. While the evidence you have provided may look enough to you because of your local knowledge, it was not enough for us to make changes.

    We have received fabricated evidence in the past from folks trying to manipulate the gameboard. This is one reason why we have this additional verification step. I hope this explains why you were requested to provide a geotagged image.

    You can provide the requested information at your convenience. You can always open a new request if this one gets closed.


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    Thanks for your reply @NianticAaron

    I still find it ridiculous it's being asked for multiple reasons and the result is I won't bother fixing and Niantic database can stay wrong.

    Reason 1 it's ridiculous is because I stated in the ticket and this post that the problem occurred due this way spot being in an alley and this caused my GPS on the location omto jump around. This exact same problem will happen and make the geotagged image incorrect too.

    Reason 2 is it's VERY OBVIOUS from the images I supplied that I am trying to move it to the right place . You say it's obvious to me because of local knowledge but the photographic/wayfarer satellite screenshot it's beyond doubt to anyone who looks.

    Reason 3 is I have created over 500 wayspots and have never created a fake one. Why would I try and fake one somewhere nowhere near me, in alley in a town centre now?

    I tried to fix a small issue that happened by mistake and Niantic suddenly want me to drive to the location and change phone settings +,+ and do more work for something unnecessary because they can EASILY see the mistake from the photo. No thanks. It can STAY WRONG. The more time goes on the the more stupid decisions make and the less I'm inclined to do anything to benefit them or the games .

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    Support telling me what I told them, as if I don't know.

    Now wanting multiple geotagged images from an area I told them GPS jumps around. It's almost as if no one at Niantic reads anything

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