Current photo is of equipment that doesn't exist

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Title of the Wayspot: WORKOUT TRAIL **** BARS

Location: 35.779937,-78.825171

City: Cary NC

Country: US

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim: I am not sure how to submit photos that prove **** bars are not where they are pinned in a park. I have submitted portal scans, and have a photosphere showing the equipment that is there now.

Additional information: The wooden signs for the workout trail did exist when we moved here 20+ years ago and my boys loved to do the trail when they were little. But these old wooden signs (in the background in the current photo for this Wayspot, but the feature of most of them) have been gone since long before I ever started playing Ingress games. My description edit went through, and it accurately reflects what is at that location now. But I can't get an additional photo through to even attempt to get the Title changed to the correct equipment.

Edits at Bond Park are particularly hard because a user named Devil something has dropped incorrect photospheres and bike helmet street views all over. It is usually obvious that they are wrong, like land photos in the middle of the lake, or vice versa, but others just make the correct pin look incorrect.

I am only bothering to try to fix one of these workout trail Wayspots at a time since it is such a process. So far, I have gotten one corrected of about 20.



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