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pakoesilvia13-PGOpakoesilvia13-PGO Posts: 123 ✭✭

Hello, I am a very new level 40 in PoGo. I started to read about Portal request using IITC and then about Wayfarer for evaluating pokestops. However there are many thing that are not really clear for me.

1) there are many pokestops in my city that seem not respecting rules (2 pokestops in same s2-17 cells, wrong name, wrong description, wrong position etc.) Now, of course I am not interested (except for one that is into my proprierty) to change that, but I would like knowing how to move (or ask to move) a pokestop/gym and, moreover how to change their name if it is completly wrong.

Could someone describe how to do that? I know I can send directly pokestop request by pogo, but what about editing pokestop position, name and description? What is the procedure?

2) In wayfarer I did formation test and I wrote my address to start reviewing. However at now I do not see any review post. Do you know why?

Thanks on advance everyone will be happy to help me.



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