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Red Telephone Boxes in the UK

I feel like we need some concrete Niantic clarification on Red Telephone Boxes.

They're a British icon and a staple of cultural significance in the UK which feels wrong not to be a "Point of interest". I'm British and I get excited when I see them so visitors from other places must want to see these historical POIs too? I know some already are pre-Wayfarer, but this is very rare.

From other posts on this forum I can see many others agree, whilst others feel there needs to be more clarification from Niantic first before we can start accepting them as a POI.

Many have been adopted by local communities via the "Adopt a Kiosk" scheme being converted into mini-libraries and Defibrillators, which also poses more clarification.

I've tried my best to break it down easily for everyone to understand and even if people disagree hopefully you learn something new!

We need Niantic to clarify this via following:

• What types of Kiosk are there?

(including info & clarification)


K2 Kiosk - 1926 - 1935 *224 Remaining

K6 Kiosk - 1936 - 1968 *10,700 Remaining

Defibrillator - Does this obstruct 'Emergency services'? -The Defibrillator is for public use and creating a POI could potentially highlight these to more people. All ambulances are equiped with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) so they wouldn't need access to these.

Other (Mini-Library, Phone charging station, WiFi box, converted boxes) - These have been suggested eligible by the community in other posts

Empty (phone missing / not in use / abandoned) - These would be up to the reviewer I assume


I'd like to assume these are already POIs in-game as there are so few left so this does not pose a huge threat for eligibility/reviews:

K1 (Wooden) - *5 Remaining

K3 Kiosk - *2 Remaining

K4 Kiosk - *5 Remaining

K8 Kiosk - *54 Remaining

FYI - K5 & K7 Kiosk - *0 Remain

• How do we determine which is which?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy way to differentiate between the telephone boxes:


K2 Kiosk - Windows are all same size & crown is created from pierces holes:

K6 Kiosk - Windows are narrower down the sides & crown is embossed metal:

Defibrillator Kiosk - Decommissioned with "DEFIBRILLATOR" heading, telephone replaced by Defib machine

A Library Kiosk and others will be obvious.

Please let me know your thoughts below I welcome any comments


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