Portal Location Mismatch between Ingress and Pokemon Go

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So, Today I have noticed some strange portal locations.


Title of the Wayspot: Village mural

Location in Pokemon Go: 23.692938,86.986929 (fake location)

Location in Ingress: 23.690136, 86.976181 (real life location)


Title of the Wayspot: The Lady Wall Art

Location in Pokemon Go: 23.691337,86.98751 (fake location)

Location in Ingress: 23.6900, 86.976323 (real life location)

City: Asansol

Country: India

The real life locations of these wayspots are the locations where it appears in ingress. The location where it appears in pokemon go is false. These wayspots have been previously reported before 1 month and their location has been rectified in Ingress, but those still remain in same false location in pokemon go giving unfair advantage to few players (ref to : https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/5294/multiple-fake-wayspot#latest)

Please look into this & correct their location in Pokemon Go. I am attaching geotagged images of real life location as proof of my claim.

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