Invalid Wayspot Appeal: Wayspot approved with fake photo

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Title of the Portal: Queen Elizabeth Drive GR Postbox



City: London

Country: UK

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

The first two photos are taken from the ingress scanner. The third photo is taken from the location of this portal in Google Street View.

The photo used for the submission of this postbox is not of this postbox but is of a completely different postbox. This can be clearly seen due to the letters GR (Representing that it dates from the reign of King George VI) on the body of the postbox in the fake photos, and the letters ER (representing that it is from the reign of Queen Elizabeth) on the body of the postbox as seen in street view.

This waypoint was submitted with fake photos to increase its chances of being accepted. While there is debate in the UK over which postboxes are acceptable - postboxes with initials GR are typically accepted, while postboxes with the initials ER are almost never accepted due to the fact that they are still in production in the present day. Without the fake image this waypoint would not have been accepted.

Please can you reconsider your decision to retain this waypoint.

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  • We’ve taken a second look and decided to reverse our decision. This Portal does not meet our criteria for removal at this time. Having said that, you can update the correct image of the object through Ingress Prime.

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    According to this latest action, now people can nominate fake PoI, then update later the photo+title to a plain wall showing that there's nothing there but as a plain wall doesn't match the Removal Criteria it can stay forever in Wayfarer.

    This will be very useful in places where they have ran out ideas about what to nominate.

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    Wow... just, wow!

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    This is amazing thank you @NianticAaron-PGO . This confirms that niantic think there's no problem with people submitting fake POIs so no need to bother with the pesky abuse form when reviewing, but I also have an additional 100+ POIs to start submitting.

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    What kind of idiots are in the Wayfarer team ?

    They make the correct decision on an appeal, and then reverse it. What the actual ....

    Appeals are a truly pathetic pointless waste of time now due to the total idiots that you have processing them.

    You obviously don't give a flying F@#$ about fake POI's being removed, why the @#$% should we care about reviewing them correctly ?

    What a totally pathetic way to handle things.

  • What a ridiculous decision. Can’t believe you actually reversed a correct choice to then give the get go for people who cheat.

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    I have some irritated commentary in the semi-related thread about the other UK-ism, where some phone boxes are eligible and others are not

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    I'm just trying to understand this precedent.

    1. Are all ER postboxes now valid?

    2. Are ER postboxes only valid when they have an incorrect title claiming they are a different more historical postbox? (As the advice is to submit a photo of the actual ER postbox after the wayspot has gone live, it would be more efficient to just submit the actual postbox in the first place)

    3. Are ER postboxes only valid when the have both an incorrect (fake) photo and an incorrect title?

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    I'm leaning towards number 3 being correct.

    Andrew Krug was very clear that mass produced postboxes should be rejected and everyone agrees ER postboxes are so common and are still in production so number 1 cannot be correct.

    None of this makes sense so I could easily be wrong. I am still awaiting an explanation from Niantic as to why they like fake submissions.

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    Having said that, you can update the correct image of the object through Ingress Prime.

    It sounds like you are encouraging this user to engage in abuse themselves.

    • Issues with photos:
    • Photos with recognizable faces, license plates
    • Photos with watermarks or other copyrighted information
    • Attempts to intentionally add unrelated photos

    I would not encourage them to attach photos that could link them to this abuse.

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    None of the above. They still are not acceptable.

    However "not meeting the acceptance criteria" is not one of the removal criteria. Neither is photo related problems.

    There is no new precedent here. Things that have been wrongfully approved not being able to be removed unless they meet one the specific removal criteria is really dumb, but long established.

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    Not being from the UK, I agree with the other players that reversing this makes no sense.

    "You can update the picture" is a ridiculous reason, which allows abusers to submit fake Wayspots as much as they want.

    Just lie and fake submit something that would be eligible, then replace the picture with what is actually there - bam you're done.

    Niantic needs to stop having two sets of criteria (1 for reviewing, 1 for removal). There needs to be 1 set for both Niantic and players, because you are just creating confusion and frustration this way.

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