Why has this been denied 3 times?

I have submitted this place 3 times now. Each time declined due to "generic business or restaurant". This is the only cafe in an area that covers roughly 300km of roadway. I live in a very rural area. I always put that it is the only one. It supports local charities. Promotes community activities by having free lunches twice a year and Canada day celebrations. By the guidelines this shouldn't be denied by my understanding. Am i missing something? Should I keep attempting to submit this or just give up?


  • Seklai-INGSeklai-ING Posts: 54 ✭✭

    Did you place all that explanation in description or extra information?

    At first glance I see a generic business. After reading you, now I know it can be special because is the only one. Don't give up but we need to see your full nomination and not only the main photo .

    Can reviewers see the wayspot on street view? Does it have a mark on google maps? It's another thing. If reviewers can't locate the nomination it can't be aprove...

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    Generic Local Businesses

    Generic local businesses don’t meet criteria on their own without having historical/cultural value, community significance, or distinctive architecture.

    I don't see anything special in your nomination - sorry. Generic buiness.

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    To me it seems like a cafe would have a significant cultural value in the community if it is the only one! If there are 12 within a short walk like in urban areas then it's harder to prove the value but if there's nothing for a wide area around then I'm happy that it would be a community hub and acceptable. I think this is a case of reviewers applying their 'big city' way of reviewing onto a rural area. Good luck... Hopefully you are able to get it through.

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    @TheFarix-PGO I'm sure the guideline is understood..

    You have a point in this: in the Wayfarer help-examples of 'eligible wayspots' a nice terrace pictured, just like that cafe. So something like this can definitely be accepted. However, it is up to the community to decide if has enough cultural value. I'm not sure people will add that value to the cafe just because it's the only one in the area. They could apply leniency to portal-sparse areas though.

    I'm not sure if I would've accepted that cafe. You'd have to sell it pretty well in the supporting statement.

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    The location is marked on google maps but the streetveiw is from 2011 or 12 and doesnt show anything there but the area is recongizable

  • BKxLounge-PGOBKxLounge-PGO Posts: 5 ✭✭

    For those who were asking these are my nominations descriptions. Reviewers need to look up the definition for generic because, it being the only one in an area makes it the furthest from generic... I don't think people understand the english language very well.

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    I think you're arguing what could be really good points, but the way they're presented does sound pretty generic.

    Do you maybe have a link you can provide that talk about their donation efforts? Or about what events they hold (is it something like live music or something generic like good sales)?

    For example, WalMart has various charity options for customers to donate towards (cash boxes, options to donate a set amount towards charity at the registers), but that doesn't make WalMart eligible (nor does it mean all the proceeds really go to charity efforts tbh). If the Cafe holds regular events specifically for donation efforts, though, that would be a good argument. Or if they are donating to specific people in the community rather than a national cancer research foundation, that might be good info.

    You could also just say that you would tell visitors to go to the cafe, but that doesn't mean you're actually doing it. Have they been published in some tour guide? Can you show they have a high ranking on a site like trip advisor? What can you do to show non-locals that you're not just blowing hot air?

    I do think this business could be approvable. But if you're having to rely on an upgrade due to lack of local reviewers, I think you probably need to get more specific about the claims you're making to support this as a nomination. People not from the area have no idea what the Cafe is really like or how many people go there and can trend towards skepticism that your information is accurate and good. It would help to be specific and be able to provide proof.

    It's been said in other threads, but it can get really hard to get restaurants and the like approved as gems/hotspots especially when you have to rely on upgardes, unfortunately.

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    I am not sure you can get this approved given the general attitude of many reviewers toward small, rural businesses, but I would suggest that a different supporting photo or photosphere might help. All of your photos show the door into the cafe and no apparent signs of life... Is there an outdoor eating area or other gathering space that you can feature in that supporting photo? Can you take a photosphere inside the cafe to show what makes it a unique, popular local destination?

    Several times that I have voted in favor of small, rural businesses it has been a Google Streetview or photosphere that showed a business packed with people that convinced me of the local significance.

  • TwoSkunks-PGOTwoSkunks-PGO Posts: 28 ✭✭

    Everything in the supporting photos look new and unused. It looks like a trailer someone built to use as a cafe, and just moved in. You may need to take some different photos that show the whole building to show something different than what I perceive, and also a better sense of the parking. The sign itself may not be hard to move. I wonder of some are seeing this cafe as something that could be easily moved.

  • BKxLounge-PGOBKxLounge-PGO Posts: 5 ✭✭

    based on the comment in this post I will just forego resubmitting. There is literally nothing more I can provide. The community is less than 5000 people. No local papers, no on used tripadvisor. The cafe is only a local hotspot and the odd time people travel down here and ask where there is a good place to go I say the cafe is the closest. The Bay d'Espoir Cancer Benefit is held yearly and they make donations but thats not published anywhere aside from on the wall during the event and then that wall is taken down.. The supporting arguement of " This is the ONLY CAFE" should be enough is people actually read and understood the definition of GENERIC. Just in case the people who comment here dont know what the definition is here you go: adjective- characteristic of or relating to a class or group of things; not specific.

    If you can't comprehend that definition and notice how the Cafe that is the only one is not generic then its time to go back to school.

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    Maybe resubmit focusing on how board games are regularly played here. People meeting up to pay games in 'gaming cafes' seem to be the only type of cafes that get through. Whilst this isn't a gaming cafe, you might have more success focusing on that aspect a bit more.

    Ditch the bit about charity, and the reference to the wayfarer guidance. Just sell it as a community meeting point for board games and the like.

  • FrealafGB-PGOFrealafGB-PGO Posts: 354 ✭✭✭✭

    Don't give up on it! Definitely resubmit it, it can be eligible since its the only one so by default it's important for the community. Just keep trying and hopefully soon you'll get a set of reviewers who are sympathetic or at least read the nomination!

    I would definitely refer to the board games - that's a good point to make because it serves the gaming community. But I would also keep in the fundraising information too. I'd probably write the supporting info in a way that doesn't spell out the criteria. I'd go through the things that make it eligible under those criteria without listing the actual criteria.if that makes sense?

    Good luck...

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