How can I improve this notice board nomination?

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Currently, I just have an English description that matches the Japanese title. This is pretty common in Japan, especially when there's not a lot more to say about something. I've tried this with a full Japanese description, explaining the cultural aspect of the board, but I think it's probably a given to most people what it is anyway.

In the supporting text, I've linked to more recently, for examples of other accepted notice boards. I've also linked to the older Ingress AMA as well.

My supporting text is all in Japanese, but basically I try to explain that notice boards with cultural or historical information are great candidates, and boards with nothing but business flyers would not be good. But what it always comes down to, is I don't think Japanese players believe any of this information. There are some Japanese-only forums where lots of players have basically taken it upon themselves to decide what is allowed and not.

I know most people can't read Japanese here, so you might not know what all the flyers are on this notice board, so let me try to explain some of them. The girl in the blue and pink one is holding a box that says "Vote" and as you might imagine, this is information about an upcoming election, and where and when to vote. There is more detailed information in the bottom right corner in a blue flyers which is also about the election. Below that girl is a flyer for Tanabata (the Star Festival). Unfortunately, due to Corona the festival was cancelled this year it says. The very large poster on the right half is about a post-WW2 recovery historical exhibition, involving the local area.

The content of this notice board changes frequently, but it's always cultural or government information, and is an important source of such information for people in the area. It's on a street that is mainly used for walking towards the train station. Our actual city hall is not nearby (maybe 5 stations away) and nobody would regularly visit city hall to see information like this, which is why local town associations will spread the information on notice boards such as this, in places with heavy foot traffic.

I'm not sure what else I can do to improve this nomination. I keep getting rejections such as generic store or restaurant, obstructs emergency services, flagged for explicit content, photo is tilted or upside down, flagged for including personal information, appears to be a body part, etc... and clearly none of these reasons are true at all. The notice board is clearly visible on Street View and honestly I believe it to be quite a bit nicer and mroe well maintained than a lot of notice boards I've seen accepted elsewhere.


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    I almost give all notice boards a four star but they need to be seen on google maps for me and have safe access

    I can't tell is there a good footpath next to it?

    But generally speaking in my opinion boards like these are very common but they have use because if a city organise something it will be on those boards so it has cultural value

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    Yes, it is on streetview with a very clear picture from several shots up close and in the distance. It is located on a small residential street, which in Japan means only people walking and bicycling. The only car you'll ever see is a delivery vehicle, very rarely. Behind the sign is the train tracks, not anybody's house. There may be a few of them scattered in various places, but around here, these are certainly much less common than parks. Usually they're located 5-10 minutes walk away from the station, and maybe in various different directions so any given person commuting to the station would only pass by 1 of them.

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    Are there other Wayspots nearby that could cause it to be blocked, reviewers may be using any rejection reason as they know it will be blocked as too close to other locations. Can you post the coords here?

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    Those information boards are referring to countries where there is no other mechanism for obtaining public information, and in Japan, where there is a meeting place for each region and a board with information patrolling the area, most people would not consider it an important spot.

    I would judge it that way too.



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    No, it's completely alone in it's S2 L17 cell and nowhere near 20meteres from any portal in Ingress. It would almost certainly become a portal and a Pokestop.

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    Based on everything I've read, you're just voting against the rules and making things up based on how you feel, which is not what Niantic wants people to be doing in Wayfarer. The existence of other places to get information does not preclude a place from meeting the criteria laid out for a valid nomination. I would urge you to review the rules and guideline clarifications posted over time and think about nomination in isolation. Your job as a reviewer is only to judge if it fits the criteria, which you have clearly admitted it does in your post here even.

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    Most of your recommendations are not accepted in Japan.

    I guess that's the answer.

    That means there are many people who think like me.

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    Yes, this is LITERALLY the problem I've been trying to address. Niantic does not do a good enough job of (1) translating their own rules into languages other than English, and (2) enforcing their own rules through honeypots or better testing.

    If Niantic fixed this problem, a lot of reviewers in Japan would basically end up banned, I think. And it would be for the best, if they're not going to follow the rules which Niantic laid out. Sorry, but some thread on 5ch that says community notice boards are one-star is not a valid source of truth for Wayfarer.

    Remember, this is NOT about "people who think like me". Approving a nomination is NOT a popularity contest. It's supposed to be about seeing if a nomination fits the criteria Niantic determined for us. Do community notice boards fit the criteria? Yes.

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