Wayferer ID Got Banned Without Any Fault

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I love to play both games, Ingress Prime and Pokemon Go and reached the required level to access wayferer which was too tough as I am living in a rural area. I have passed that waferer test from both ids. But recently I got two strikes on my two different ids. One is for pokemon go, email id is "[email protected]"

and other one is for ingress prime, email id is "[email protected]"@

. Sir, someone from different community tried to distract our goals which to improve of our area. He posted a fake appeal in wayferer community, he got accepted.

Sir, you have removed over 12 portals, among them all are legal and real and even one of those was a football ground. They were accapted by the community thats why they were live at ingress or pokemon go.

Sir, we belong to a rural city of Hooghly, India. Every portals we have are real and following the guidelines. But sir, wall paintings can't be traced and still he posted all portal links in his appeal and he hadn't given any realtime photo with geo tagged that proves the portal is fake. So sir, review once again and lift that ban from my ids and give us back our loving and favorite portals if possible. Sir, you can check the whole area and portal link is,

Sir, I have added a photo with details in comments which was a portal, removed because of false allegations. Please check that.

Sir, please take any strictly actions on this kind of players who are destroying community and its charming ability. If this kind of players will become more in numbers then it will be tough to make any proper nominations accepted. Please sir, look into the matter. @NianticCasey-ING @NianticKN-ING@NianticAaron-PGO

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    Even if we accept that all the portals are real and the Niantic team removed them by mistake, you don't actually show any proof of your claims either. If you live in this community, you should take geotagged photos of the murals and post proper appeals in the Invalid Wayspot Appeals section.

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    Surely there is a phone in your community that can take geotagged images.

    Also, I don't have an Ingress account, so I can't check your link, but even if I could, I wouldn't have any say in this whatsoever. Still, if you want this decision overturned, you should provide proof, because right now the Wayfarer team doesn't have any more information than when they made their original call.

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    Look, @smvai09-PGO , @KrishnenduC10-ING and all the (suspiciously new) accounts upvoting the original posts.

    Someone reported a bunch of fake wayspots in an area. The Wayfarer team looked into it and decided that a lot of those portals are indeed fakes and removed them (along with temporarily suspending account involved in creating them). How or why they made that decision, we don't know, they usually don't disclose this kind of information.

    What you're trying to do here is to appeal those removals. In my opinion, that's okay, you have every right to do that. However, you will have to provide at least some evidence that the points of interest (murals, if I understand it correctly) are actually there. If you don't, I don't see why you'd expect Niantic to overturn their original decision.

    Also, I'd like to point out that this category (Misc Appeals Discussion) is not the place to do this, what you're looking for is the Invalid Wayspots Appeals category.

  • All of us tried and didnt find any related options in camera settings. Me and my friends are trying to show the problem but you two guys come with your own community and reply like that. You should know *things change when regions change*. Rural area players like us cant buy an iphone to play or even we cant use every kind of apps like you due to terms and condition issues. So you may win fighting against us but it would be better if you guys help us with the vocals and show us any tips how to stop those threats. Atleast, I don't know Niantic gonna comment here or not, but we have tried our best and thats what a community should be.

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    I never, ever mentioned my own community. I also never made a comment about your community being rural, either. But if you're able to play and nominate (and also maintain at least 11 accounts names "KrishnenduC[number]"), you should be able to take and post at least a single photo of at least a single wayspot that was wrongfully deleted.

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    Having many ids doesnt make you guilty. Btw those are just level 4-10. I never played with those for last several months. Yes, I am trying to build up all by myself with the help of our local friends. So what? How can I add a photo here, I did not take screenshot of it. I can add these which ones accepted but removed now.

    Others' photos are in that id which got banned.

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    Having many ids doesn't make you guilty. Yes, I was created those but those are 4-10 level. I haven't played from last year. And I have already added a photo of that ground. I don't know any more ways to prove it and I didnt take a screenshot of removed polestops. But atleast I can add this photos of accepted portals...

    And others' photos are in that ingress id which got banned.

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    @Nadiwereb-PGO This is a serious matter , please do help us in this regard ...... There are people from some community or the other who are perticularly doing so ......because they are considering themselves to be the so called 'superior ' ........ This seriously needs to be stopped .....and Mr Nadiwereb or who ever you are , if you cannot help us in this regard ,don't charge aligation against us .....if you can help ,do so whole heartedly ,bacause today it is our community , tommorow it may even be yours ......and when it is yours ,it is then that you will come to know the pain that runs down your spine ....... If you are a true Pokemon lover ,you will understand me better ....... Nobody is helping us in developing our area ,so who the hell are they to destroy it ..... Lastly I would like to say that there are people who are coping our murals but those are not getting banned but ours are.....

  • @NianticCasey-ING @NianticAaron-PGO@NianticAndres

    I have tried and got an app on the playstore which can catpure geotagged photos. I don't know if these are working or not, but I'm trying hard to prove it. Here I'm gonna attach 4 of the removed portals. Please sir, do something about this.

    Bust of Swami Vivekananda

    Bust of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

    Priyo Samiti Football Ground

    Pikachu Wall Mural

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    Having many id's does make you guilty

    From Niantics own TOS

    3.1 Cheating

    Niantic prohibits cheating, and we constantly take steps to improve our anti-cheat measures. Cheating includes any action that attempts to or actually alters or interferes with the normal behavior or rules of a Service. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, any of the following behavior, on your own behalf or on behalf of others:

    • Accessing Services in an unauthorized manner (including using modified or unofficial third party software);
    • Playing with multiple accounts for the same Service;
    • Sharing accounts;

    So yes by your own admittance you are guilty of cheating and breaking the TOS.

    I no doubt you and your multi accounts will now dislike this post, infact I look forward to it, as they will then be able to see which accounts did that and can ban each and everyone accordingly for cheating

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    I am not playing from this ids. Those were created 2-3 years ago and I forgot their passwords. Thats why this id is my newest id from last year. I have changed 5 devices in this years so this happened. Even admins can check the last activated time of those ids. I have allready told this above. I got 20 insightful in this post. Why are you guys constantly attacking me when we got already attacked by different community? Help us or stay out of this... There is many co ordinates, you can check by yourself our place isn't like yours. We got few of those and all of them are real. In a rural area, everybody is trying to get more. I am helping them as I belongs to this area. Try to understand bro. I have added here every details here with geo tagged photos and cords.

  • Can't you read? I told you before I can't access them. Those Insightful comes from my friends who are also trying to help me unlike you guys. Check them...

    @Balwaswor-PGO @Psychicsoul007-PGO @smvai09-PGO @AritraNSR-PGO @bishal2410-PGO @joysikdar1290-PGO @6290757128Call-PGO @smvai09-PGO @sudipkrdas @jigliwigli @rawmamba @Ganeshmalo18-PGO @EngSouL-PGO and many more. Why you guys are talking like you know all. Let the admin decide. Our city isn't like you guys. we have only 20-30 in the whole city. Try to understand our problems.

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    Any phone that supports either Ingress or Pokémon Go is capable of storing Location data in photos. :)

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    Because this entire thread reaks of muti accounting, cheating, and blatant lies.

    If they are real people with real accounts then that is good but currently due to your blatant lies in this thread I am highly sceptical

  • Bro please stop it. Let the admins to look after this matter. I have given everything like Geo tagged images and cords and everything that I should. Please understand us, those anonymous guys are continuously reporting us. We have to stop it. Our village isn't as developed as yours, you have to understand it. We have to encourage new comers or it will be a loss to our community.

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