Location edit appeal of "Rimforsa kartan"

Title of the wayspot: Rimforsa kartan

Location: 58.139945, 15.678811

Correct location: 58.138665, 15.682673

City: Rimforsa

Country: Sweden

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Old location:

New location:

Addition information: Hello! This informational sign was moved some months ago by the county to a new place (which is also more safe and accessible). So I hope this wayspot can be moved so that it reflects it current irl location. This is clearly visible in the attached photos. Since this is a "recent" change, it isn't visible on google street view (2018) or satellite photos in the area. I can provide more material in form of more photos and/or videos if further needed.

Appreciate your help!




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