Can I improve this or should I just let it go?


Postbox at Grevsgardnatten

Picture I used:

Overview picture:

Description (translated from Norwegian to the best of my efforts)

Utkikkspunkt på Grevsgardnatten ovenfor Grevsgard. Rødmerket T-sti går innom og det er en benk og en bålplass. I kassa ligger det en gjestebok der man kan skrive seg inn.

Overview from Grevsgardnatten above Grevsgard. Marked official tourist trail leads to this point and there is a bench and a fireplace. The postbox contains a guestbook where you can log your visit.

I submitted it because it's basically the "top point" of a marked trail and therefore a point of interest. I felt this encourages physical activity. The guestbook is a form of communication. The view is also amazing but I tried to not make this the focus of the nomination because that's a natural feature. If you're on the trail this would be a natural place for a rest.

The reject reason given was "Low Quality Photo". I'm not 100% sure if it's eligible but I feel at least that reject reason is... not it. Is it because it's kinda dark if you squint?

Should I bother trying to improve and resubmit or should I just let it go. I'm not super attached to it but it would be useful to get some feedback either way. Getting a new photo would probably have to wait untill spring.


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