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Mural or drawing?

Hello, I've trying to ask this long ago, until this one popped out in review:

Yeah, it's a street art of Pikachu (I don't understand why the submitter wrote that into "pikacu" instead..., but let's move on), either it is categorized as a drawing or a mural. The art itself is drawn on the surrounding walls of a residential complex. The submitter said in the description it was created by local residents, but only that Pikachu art was drawn on that wall, judging from the supporting image. Supporting description isn't much informative too, just saying "included as mural category".

I'm not understanding street arts as well, so my questions:

1) How do we differentiate street murals from just a drawing drawn on the wall?

2) If the art was actually drawn by submitter, should a nomination considered to be elligible (assuming that nomination has public access), even it's Pokemon-related? Or, should the submitters nominate their own street art, provided they're permitted to draw their art by land owner or local authorities?

Thank you.


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