Misleading names of Subcategories and lack of info

I believe the current names of the invalid appeals are misleading a lot of people into believing it's the place to complain about they proposals being denied.

There's also lack of additional description of what the subcategories are meant to. The ingress community have the title and a little description informing the 'what abouts' the subforum is.

Even though it's very clear for some, it seems completely misleading to many, so maybe a change and extra info will help. The queue of response is already big, and extra discussions will only slow it down even more.

Just a extra line on that blue box with the basic form will already help, stating that is not for denied proposals/submission.

I known you will figure this out eventually but I decide to create this to open discussion with others users and to call @NianticCasey-ING and @NianticKN-ING in a attempt to speed it up.



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