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I've been out of the loop for a while, can someone summarise the 40 meters from PRP rules for me?

While I used to quite active in the old Ingress portals community, I haven't really been paying attention since the Andrew Krug AMAs stopped.

Now I'm seeing lots of stuff about no playgrounds within 40m of PRP, sometimes even people claiming there should be no portals at all within that limit. Finding any definitive answers is proving challenging.

Specifically, does PRP mean single family residence in this case? Should I be reading 'pay special attention' to portals within 40m as automatic 1-star as some people seem to be claiming. These rules are the result of a lawsuit in the US. Can they be ignored outside the US?

Any and all info appreciated.

P. S. Is a min. of 20m between portals a thing?

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