Live in Wayfarer 3.1 is a new set of acceptance criteria! Please browse the information in this category with caution as it is in reference to the previous review guidelines. To learn more about the new criteria, see here:

Is a signature, or other info that identifies the submitter allowed in the supporting text?

Note: Supporting test not title, photo, or description

This morning I had this question come up and I re-read the help pages and searched through AMA responses to find what I thought was there to support the claim that this is reason to reject. The most relevant text I could find was on the Reporting Abuse page:

  • Offensive or abusive title/description edits: 
  • Attempts to add an offensive title/description to a live Wayspot
  • Title/description edits that mention codenames, real names or other personal information of players
  • Titles, descriptions, or supporting information that attempt to inappropriately influence the reviewers to vote in a specific way

I've always been under the impression that anything at all in the nomination which identifies the submitter is a reason to reject but I can't find anything conclusive from Niantic that confirms this.


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