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Fire Lookout Towers

I was after some guidance on whether a fire lookout tower would be a suitable candidate. I have had a couple rejected due to "interfere with emergency services" which is not actually correct.

My supporting argument for these lookout towers is as follows:

  1. They are situated on remote hillsides and mountains and require exploration to get there.
  2. They are manned only 4 months of the year. These personnel are not "emergency services". They dont keep fire trucks at fire lookout towers, all work is done by radio. A person sitting at the bottom of a lookout tower can't interfere with the personnel work.
  3. Due to the remote locations, the lookout towers are used by 4wd enthusiasts, mountain bikers and cross country runners etc as a meeting point, as its one of only a few visible man made structures around.
  4. They are interesting to see, each one is constructed differently and the network across Australia to visibly cover the national parks is impressive.
  5. Common item in geocaching
  6. They do run public viewing days (in winter mainly) where public can climb the towers

I would like NIA is consider fire lookout towers as a possible POI. It would improve POI possibilities in some of the more remote areas.

Pic: Mt Cronin Lookout Tower, Tallaganda National Park, NSW, Australia

Pic 2: Mt Little Dick Fire Tower (not longer used), Bruthen Foresr District, Gippsland, Victoria Australia.

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