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I haven’t submitted a nomination or an edit request in MONTHS. I have little to nothing outstanding so how do I get an email stating my Wayfarer account has been suspended for 30 days? Every edit I submitted was legitimate. I’m not one of these idiots conga lining gyms. You need to fix this immediately. There’s a reason why I stopped participating in Wayfarer and this only makes me think I made the right decision. I will NOT, however, stand for erroneous suspensions on my account when I did nothing wrong. Nor will I participate in your scam of free labor portal scanning. You never fixed the issues I reported for all these years over and over, so why should I do a thing for you. REMOVE IT NOW!!



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    Niantic considers a few edit-related things in Wayfarer to be abuse, including:

    1. Making submissions for titles/descriptions that are never intended to be seen in the game. This includes asking reviewers to please consider some specific information about your own preferred location, such as "please place the pin on the south side"
    2. Moving the location pin for a wayspot away from the actual location of the POI, as would be seen on the overhead "satellite" view.

    While some POIs are relatively large (ie. sportsball fields) and there is generally no absolute rule for "which" locations are allowed (beyond "off the field of play" so as to not interfere with sportsball games), moving a pin from one legitimate location to another equally-legitimate location is, at worst, considered to be annoying and/or trolling. (Not "trolling" you say? Tell that to the Ingress players whose fields suddenly dropped when all their active links were automatically deleted.)

    If you've done NONE of those things, then maybe you have a case. Otherwise, feel free to rant here about Niantic's general lack of full communication I guess.

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    there is a chance that you have submitted something MONTHS ago that finally now came into voting. That happens, because, well, theres a clogging and Niantic isnt Super Mario.

    Someone reported you and now, well you know the rest.

  • Hi there,

    Unfortunately, we're not able to discuss any disciplinary activity taken on your or others' accounts on this forum. If you are looking to appeal your punishment, you'll need to reach out to the support team directly.

    Thanks for understanding.

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