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New portals in empty lvl17 cel, no Pokestop.

EdwinMLV-INGEdwinMLV-ING Posts: 43 ✭✭

I've 2 portals in an empty lvl 17 cel which didn't result in a Pokestop.

The first was one I submtited myself and it was stuck in OPR for ages. After contacting Niantic Support, and going trhough their standard answer procedures for days finally the review complete email came through and it was accepted (on 16-11-2019). Until today it hasn't shown up in PoGO. As you can see below on the intel map it is in a empty lvl 17 cel. It is this portal:

The second portal is not my submisison but since the cel the portal is in reached 20 pokestops, due to a location edit review of mine which was completed an accepted 5 days ago, a 3rd gym should show up, but it didn't showed up until now. It is this portal:

. Also here an empty lvl 17 cel.

What should I do to get both in Pokemon Go? The first one, someone already tried to contact Niantic Support butgot stuck in the standard answering machine with replies like: Not every portal/wayspot will become a Pokestop of Gym". Which I know", but in both cases it is not true. Any advice?

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