November AMA - Topics Thread

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Hi folks,

It's that time again, time for another round of AMA questions for the Wayfarer team to review and reply to. This is the last AMA of 2020 and the answers will also contain another update to the roadmap.

Please drop your questions as comments in this thread by November 11, after which we'll have 1 week of voting to determine the top 15 questions.

We have a big update coming regarding the criteria coming soon, so we will be sourcing criteria-related questions in a separate thread after that goes live. We'll essentially be doing two AMAs this month: 15 questions from this thread AND 15 questions from the criteria thread.

Thanks again for your excitement and all your great questions!

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    You've previously been very clear about how and when a memorial bench should be accepted, however there's never been any clarification on commemorative benches. Are you able to confirm whether these are acceptable or not, and if they are, on what grounds should they be accepted? For example, a commemorative bench commemorating an event relavant to the local community.

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    There seems to be a huge level of inconsistency as to what is accepted and what isn't. I personally feel that a lot of this is due to the acceptance criteria rules being very unclear and ambiguous. It means that reviewers have to interpret what the rules mean which leads to this inconsistency. What is being done to address this, as it's leaving many nominatorss feeling very frustrated.

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