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    What does pedestrian access mean

    I mean do you need to have a real footpath or can it be grass and do you need to touch it or just stand next to it or do you have to be able to walk a circle around it

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    That's so correct what you brought up i sometimes get rejections where i get it is a buisness and on the otherhand i get PRP these two can't be combined people still think stores are PRP

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    How does the repositioning of the POi work at the end of an evaluation? The POIs seem to be directly repositioned after the end of the vote if it is not in the right location, is it positioned at a "middle" point of the repositioning suggestions?

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    Sorry for my poor English. I used a translator.

    I would like to see any information that the Niantic Wayfarer Team writes to Community that has a significant impact on the judging process reflected in the Wayfarer Help sooner rather than later.

    For example, this Casey's comment. ...

    In the July 25, 2017 AMA, the response was positive for Wayspots in the water.

    However, Casey determined that Wayspots in the water (or Wayspots that can only be safely accessed at low tide) are ineligible because of "limited safe access to the Wayspots".

    This is a policy change that only people who have seen this thread know about. If you look at the help, all it says is "Nominations with no safe pedestrian access to the Wayspot's real-world location".

    I'm sure many judges would assume from just looking at the help that as long as it's safe to access at low tide, there's no problem with access.

    I'm not saying that every post should reflect the content of every post. I think any changes to the standards that significantly affect player safety should be reflected in the help immediately.


    Can you provide the ability to re-direct if the support information has a URL? Copying and pasting addresses isn't hard, but I think it's quite a hassle.

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    When are "ghost pokestops/gyms" (I mean those waypoints that have been removed from PoGo client by the L17 recalc triggered by a location edit, but still accessible through Plus/gotcha) going to be fixed server-side?

    I mean, I have a ghost gym in a L14 cell with 3 waypoints inside but no gym accessible in PoGo because the one waypoint promoted as gym has been removed shortly after its location edit and honestly this whole thing blows. It's not fixing an abuse, it's opening doors to many many worse abuses and this prevents people from submitting any other locations edit, since we might lose other waypoints ingame. It was so good before that

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  • Recommend the following option within Niantic Games: Remove and replace.

    Objective: To remove obsolete waystops that no longer exist with new ones that happen to be in the same location or within 20M of that location AND within the same cell for Pokemon (If used). This is to only occur to waystops within that game (I.e if a waystop is in Ingress Prime, it will not be accessible for change within Pokemon Go, or other Niantic games).

    Implementation: All players able to submit are allowed to have 2x the number of Remove and Replace request as Waystop request (28 for Ingress, 14 for Pokemon Go, etc) and do not count against their submission numbers. Acceptance requirement is the same as all other Waystop submissions.

    Design Element: Recommend a side by side view of the obsolete stop vs the recommended new stop.

    Acceptance: If a stop is approved for changes, the name and updated photos will change. All points, badges and keys will remain with the stop however will change in name only along with the updated photo of the new Waystop. The changes will take place during the server synchronization time

    Thank you for reviewing this comment.

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    Is it possible to extend the reviewing time for a limited number of nominations? I often review nominations that are close to my location, still sometimes I am unsure if the object is exactly at this location. Especially trail markers or educational signs in the forest are difficult to assess. It would be helpful if I could put them on a "review waiting list" for maybe 6 hours to go and check the place and finish the review then.

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