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Pending post for approval

Blaumut-INGBlaumut-ING Posts: 379 ✭✭✭✭


When a new post is publish, it is required to be verified by Niantic employees.

During this time the post disapear and its not more available for edit. Several times the post has never been publish.

Please add the option to check the post during the verification process.

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  • Hi there,

    Due to legal restrictions, we are required to manually review posts containing certain terms and phrases. If the moderators find that a post in question is in violation of the community guidelines, it will be removed and you will be notified. We would never remove a post without notifying a user unless it is a duplicate of a published post (i.e. you accidentally posted the same thread twice).

    Unfortunately, our community platform doesn't allow the ability to edit posts while they are in the moderation process.

  • Blaumut-INGBlaumut-ING Posts: 379 ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks @NianticCasey-ING How long it takes to check it beacause some of my last post are still waiting for approval (appeals all of them). Usually it takes a couple of hours but last ones were send more than 6h ago.

  • Thanks for letting me know, the moderators review them periodically throughout the day with the goal of minimizing the amount of time it takes to wait, most often a few hours at max.

    I will check on the current status of posts waiting for moderation and clear out any that are pending.

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