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    Do you plan to terminate the screening of nominations submitted by Scanner [REDACTED]?

    It is difficult to know nomination episodes and detailed information only with the title and one image.

    It has already been 1 year since the end of Scanner [REDACTED].

    Currently, most of the nominations submitted by Scanner [REDACTED] are duplicated or have to be evaluated low (for lack of information).

    It is possible that these nominations are delaying the review of new nominations.

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    About transit stations: can there come more definition about transit stations? There are bus stations(not single ones) near the train station, but they're getting reclined for not meeting acceptance criteria.

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    Agreed, and a further comment.

    So "transit hubs" are eligible, as they are transit stations where multiple routes interlink, and very often you can transfer between different services (ie. think transferring between trains, the local municipal bus service, intercity Greyhound, etc). At most of these places you can also purchase tickets for any of the lines that stop there.

    My city has one spot just like that ... except it is outdoors. The only permanent structures are: some shelters for waiting riders, an automated ticket booth, and some posted signs that indicate the lines' schedules.

    On all counts, it qualifies as per the written rules (transit hub, permanent man-made structures), but ... Wayfarer reviewers seem to absolutely disagree. It seems that with the lack of an independent building, nobody wants to vote this one in.

    (For bonus points, the last overly nitpicky reasons reviewers denied it because ... my photo had a PUBLIC TRANSIT bus with a "personally identifiable" license plate showing. Argh.)

    But. This isn't the AMA for "guidance criteria", so meh. We can waits.

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    Would it be possible to send nominations for review to reviewers only in the country in which they were nominated? This would be limited by a false rejection due to the language barrier and ignorance of the site. Example - in the Czech Republic we check German nominations, Germany does not have street maps in place, I can't judge whether the nomination is correctly placed and whether it really is there.

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    How to handle false rejections of valid POIs. Example of a trail signpost with a destination - temporary, seasonal. Plaque revitalization at the waterworks - temporary, seasonal, restaurant. Municipal Athletic Hall - private residence, general business, cultural monument with a link to the catalog of the National Monuments Institute - abuse and many others. It is not possible to revoke it, it is also not possible to send a nomination again from the system. Going back to the place and making a nomination so that it is rejected for other bad reasons, no one is bored anymore. Improved nominations are rejected, for example, 2 hours after the start of the vote.

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    If you would use a guideline for the location of a large building meaning for example the entrance wouldn't it solve the problem of people try to change locations?

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    Please relese competition in Wayfarer about win CMU in Ingress Prime and Pokémon GO money in Pokémon GO. I think more like run Wayfarer when they can win CMU. Lots of old agents run Ingress from start stop with Wayfarer when they get the Wayfarer medal. We need something more after we complete the medal.

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    In order to reject / accept a new waypoint on Wayfairer, you need to pass a test. In order to submit via Ingress or Pokémon Go, you do not and you can tell who approves and who does not on the nomination as some that come through are poor, especially with comments such as ‘this area needs a stop’. I feel with a bit better education a number of players, who submitted their stop/portal in good faith could improve their nominations which benefits the whole community.

    Can some sort of communication be put out to players of PoGo and Ingress through the apps (like we get when a new community day is happening) on good stop criteria and that in supporting information things that should be put in (e.g. what the cool backstory is, whether it’s listed building, how it may appear to be generic but it’s a local hyper spot in a rural community)

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    With the new way to move waypoints over 10m being via a web form, can Niantic find a way to respond to us to say whether it is or isn’t going to be moved once a decision is made rather than leaving us wondering.

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    In the UK along with abroad we have park runs, in normal times these occur weekly and encourage large groups of people to do a timed 5km run once a week. Recently they have started installing markers to direct runners around the route. These markers are a lot like trail markers, small plastic disks, named park run 5km, with an arrow guiding the runners along the route. So my question is, do these markers meet the criteria for acceptance? [FYI some are already live]. 

    Pros; promotes fitness, and community gatherings, found in public parks.

    Cons; quiet generic/common and a little bit underwhelming

    Example of a marker, the green arrow in the picture below.

    Link to already live park run portal,0.51678&z=17&pll=51.858862,0.51678


    Thanks Plubly.

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    Good time of day. Please tell me, here I failed the test a year ago on once due to inexperience and the second time due to a buggy test. Here is me intereseno I 40 in pokemon go and here is already 13 in ingress, when I will be able pass still times poll so as I already experience gained!

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    I wonder if the ‘40 meter rule’ will ever be changed. As it is now, it is sometimes extremely hard to use. It is impossible to know wether, for an example, a two storey building, semi-detached is to be considered private property or not.

    Also, since it is possible for us to move the submission spot, sometimes you can move it outside the 40 m radius and still have it right (athletic fields are big). However, not everyone does that.

    The discrepancies in the way people review the rule leads to wildly different scores, and by that, everyone gets lower ratings in the end. The old rule (review closely, make sure it is not on private ground, and that it possible to get there without trespassing) was easy to use, and clear. Now, it just causes confusion.

  • Bonjour à tous

    Ma question est simple depuis que j'ai discuté avec deux joueurs que je pensais être des amis toutes mes propositions de pokestop sont rejetées, je dis bien TOUTES. Des aires de jeux, des puits communaux, des panneaux de sentiers pédestre du conseil régional, tout est refusé, pour l'heure 13 propositions co decutives, alors qu'avant de discuter avec ces 2 personnes toutes mes propositions ont été validées

    Donc voici ma question, comment signaler cet abus à Niantic et faire vérifier que des joueurs ne jugent pas en toute objectivité mais uniquement dans le but de s'opposer au plaisir de jouer des autres

    Merci de vos réponses

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    I would like to know if the park plates, plates that inform the creation of tracks and sidewalks, the municipal plates go or not? Since I have understood that car plates do not go, and plates in tribute and educational information also go .. But I would like to know if those types of plates that I mentioned above are a good proposal to be accepted or rejected. Thanks in advance.

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    We need more transparency in our nominations.

    The dates of moving into voting and when an upgrade was applied should show.

    In addition the progress of the voting process should be displayed and updated daily.

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    I have a question regarding nominations for large areas. If there is a signboard at the entrance, I think that there is no problem at that position. I don't know where to find the right place for a nomination with the title Square and no sign. If it is a plaza in the park, I think that it corresponds to ancillary facilities of the park, but I think that a place like a vast vacant lot is nominated like a plaza.

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