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    I will second this. The review pages says "A visually unique nomination should not be something that is common in the area", which to me would suggest that if something like an identical trail marker turns up as an existing POI on the "nearby" list, then I would not call the submission visually unique and mark it so - one trail marker every 500m (not every 25m as you can find in some places in the UK) should suffice. However, I have come across the argument in various forums that "because the submission photo as a whole is not identical to any other - there are different things in the background - this means the submission photo is unique".

    As mentioned earlier, I would like Nianic to be more definite about some of these terms that are used.

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    Real Incentive reward

    Niantic is able to create sponsored and temporary pokestops. Why not giving a free possibility to place a pokestop at home to reviewers who reach a given number of agreements (let's say 5000 or so) ? Those could be not eligible to become gyms nor count in stop per cell, and could be given for one year or have to be renewed by some way.

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    Would it be possible to add location edits to the Wayfarer interface? There has been some frustration expressed by players where if reviewers change a location which end up preventing the POI from appearing in the game they're playing, there's no real way for the submitter to edit the POI to a location where it is still accurate but will appear in the game theyr'e playing.

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    I've been reporting for months a couple of people who send fake 360s and have a lot of fake stops and I don't see any progress with them, they keep sending their stops and I keep reporting them without anything happening

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    What are the legitimate reasons for moving an existing wayspot?

  • Fake Nominations should be addressed ASAP. Dislikes are from players who are submitting Fake Nominations. :-)

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    Would there be further clarification of seasonal and temporary display? There are several threads about this topic. However, some questions remain unanswered.

    1. Is an object considered as a temporary display if it can be moved easily by its owner?
    2. Is an object considered as a permanent display if it occupies a location for a long time? If it is, how long does it take?
    3. Is a nomination acceptable if it has a fixed location, but it is not always accessible or visible?
    4. Should we reject a nomination as a temporary display only if we are sure that it would be removed in the near future?

    The following are some related threads:

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    This question refers to the difficulty to present and evaluate good candidates points of interest in terms of local and popular cafés or pubs or restaurants (as a place I would brought some foreign friend). When considering those acceptables POIs, what could better define them: being well-known in the neighbourhood, or having recognition by some gastronomy expert magazines, or both of or maybe does is have a different point of view? Detailed examples and clarifications about this matter would be very apreciated. Thank you in any case.

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    Why would you even need to ask this?

    The answer is simply: "the wayspot is currently not in the correct location and you are moving it to the correct location."

    Sometime there but be some uncertainly in what exactly is the correct location, but that is going to be specific to the individual wayspot, so you won't get a useful answer from this AMA.

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    Xq no me salen propuestas para calificar? Me salen mensajes como este...

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    I don't understand why POGO players cry in little threads and don't say anything in this...

    The new move-deleting system of stops is bad, is the worst thing that niantic can do for pogo. We need to force niantic to respond to us and escalate our complaint to the people responsible for creating this new system of abuse, because the abuse of change wayspot locations was a real abuse and they should have stopped it before, but this abuse occurs because of the (silly) idea of ​​joining all the games on the same platform and then applying different rules to each one without explaining anything to the user. Instead of changing that injustice they have made the difference even greater between the games and created a new movement system to eliminate stops / gyms.

    Great niantic, you are improving, I am not sure if it is a carefully thought out decision (which would be horrible) or if you improvise on the fly

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    Hi! I've some eligible nominations that match your guidelines. The problem is reviewers repeatedly reject them. I always put a link in the support reporting a site that certifies the autenticity of my nominations, but rewievers keep rejecting them all. I've come to think they don't even look at the request. They look at the photo. They think: "oh! What a ****. It's clearly a temporary object! Reject it" and they never think about reading the support.

    My advice is that the 1* has to be put at the end of the review. This will prevent some of the reviews from being rejected despite them matching the criteria.

    Thank you.

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    I presume you're a PoGo player, and you're not aware that Ingress allows you to use pictures from your library ? It's an official feature, with a dedicated button in the app.

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    Drawing reviewers attention to a particular guideline is extremely clunky and hit and miss.

    Would it be possible to have a list of clarifications with a “short official hotlink” so that it stood out to the reviewer and made it easy to get to the relevant info. I’m imagining it appearing like a button in a specific field at the start of the supporting info. Something you could add as an edit in wayfarer rather than the submission from whatever game.

  • Yeah, I agree, cooldown is frustrating. I'm rather taking a week off than waiting for the end of 24h cooldown after reviewing a couple of genuine nominations. Wayfarer algorithms are not working well. Thousands of reviewed nominations are not processed.

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    Will support for more languages will be added in game ??

    @NianticKN-ING sir we have Nominated many things in our city. Many waypoints Accepted are having cultural & religious values so we decided to give it titles & description in our local language (Devnagari Script/fonts ) as translating it in English may give different pronunciation.

    Everything was ok while submitting nomination but we have noticed once in game, titles & description in devnagari script/fonts (For hindi, Konkani &. marathi language) are not displaying correctly. They are broken.

    Would be really great if you all add support for all major Indian languages (scripts/Fonts) in game so that we can read it properly. Otherwise people think it's wrongly spelled & keep on going to edit titles. @NianticCasey-ING @NianticAaron @ni0h-ING @NianticAustin-ING @NianticEG @NianticAaron ron

    Here are more details:émon_go_still_has_broken_rendering_for_indian/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

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    Should location be excat cordinates of waypoint or it can be in or around 10 metres of waypoint? What was reason to decide 10 metres location edit limits ? Is it because we can nominate anywhere within or around 10 metres radius?

    Question came in mind because of playground nominations like football & tennis grounds/courts... We can't nominate waypoint on place where game is played since it will disturb game played on it..

    So is 10 metres location difference is allowed?

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    Can you confirm the current best practice for dealing with a wayspot that's been removed (in the real world) and replaced with another nomination-eligible point of interest? (For example, a statue taken down and new statue put in the same spot, or a business taking over the building previously occupied by a "hyperlocal hotspot" wayspot.)

    I'm still following the last advice I saw from NianticCasey (which I can't find to link to), which was to submit a removal request for the removed POI, then submit a new wayspot nomination for judging.

    On the other hand, I'm seeing wayfinders here use the photo submit-and-appeal process to do incremental swaps: They add a picture of the new point of interest, submit an appeal to remove the photos of the previous wayspot, then submit title edits to match the new picture.

    I have concerns about the latter process, especially with business wayspots -- moving into the same building as a former hotspot shouldn't automatically make the new business a hotspot. Sometimes the new business is just lame.

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    While I'm sort of on the topic of image reviews and appeals, can we get a clear statement: Is just being out of date a valid reason to request image removal?

    I'm not talking about POI swaps (in this case) -- I'm asking about situations like when a park or business wayspot gets a redesigned sign. Signs are often used as wayspot photos, so having photos showing out-of-date signs makes it more difficult for players to find such wayspots in the real world. They could walk or drive right past the wayspot because they're looking for the wrong sign!

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