Invalid Wayspots on an active military base

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Listed below, alongside intel links for exact locations 


Royal Air Force, Lossiemouth. A live military base.



•Tornado GR4 Tail Fin,-3.310951&z=16&pll=57.710162,-3.313212 

•The Gannet Cross,-3.310887&z=16&pll=57.71273,-3.310473

•St Aidens Community Centre/Church,-3.310221&z=16&pll=57.712663,-3.30948

•Lossiemouth Football Pitch,-3.309556&z=16&pll=57.711646,-3.308641


Niantic needs to remove these From ALL Niantic Games (Ingress, Pokemon Go, Wizards Unite) and not just Pokemon Go. These are all inside a ACTIVE MILITARY BASE, and as per Niantics own rules:

“Nominations whose real-world location appears to obstruct the driveways of emergency services. This includes anywhere that may interfere with the operations of fire stations, police stations, hospitals, military bases, industrial sites, power plants, or air traffic control towers.”

I have contacted Niantic several times as has Royal Air Force Police from RAF Lossiemouth, all to be ignored. I then reached out on Twitter, to be messaged on Twitter to then be further ignored and unable reply to Niantic through DM, then further tweets ignored and further emails ignored. 

You have repeatedly been requested to remove these, with the RAFP being involved asking you to remove them to no avail. This is not acceptable. So you cannot respond to me saying “we’ve had no request from RAF Lossiemouth”, because you HAVE had the request from RAF Lossiemouth but elected to ignore it. See attached email for proof of this.

I’ve also included an email from 2019 when Niantic DID remove a stop, after being in contact with the same RAFP.

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