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    I've seen so many nominations in which Google map tag have exact same pictures used to nominate but uploaded recently. I don't know whether copyright issues are applicable when nomination is done by the same person.

    Also, sometimes people created email ids with their Ingress/Pokémon Go ign and upload pics to google map and upon reviewing, we will see the same ign on Google map and we will know who did that particular nomination. Does that fall under rejection criteria "Submitted identifiable" ? Also, can we reject those for"attempt to influence reviewers"? It's so confusing though....

    If they are supposed to be rejected, several of those nominations already got accepted, are they valid ? People who reviewed fair will lose their points anyway. So, is there any way (in future) to compensate fair reviewers and to punish (or activate cool down) to reviewers who accept fake nominations ?

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    Could we get a counter in Wayfarer that shows the total number of submissions currently submitted. For example there are ______ remaining. I feel like that when you are pulling from an endless bucket it can feel unmotivating, but if we could see how many are left and see the number change it can make you feel like you are doing things. For example if we could see their are 10,000 left in the que, I feel like we would feel more motivated to finish them up. Just have a thing that says how many are in voting, in que, photos reviewed, waypoints completed that day/week eg. I feel like this would be really motivating. It also I think would let us know if we are falling behind and it's just getting bigger or if what we are doing is helping to reduce it.

  • Why can't pools be waystops. I understand that only if they are famous or have awards or an Olympic trainer. But why? Other exercise/sports locations are all accepted, ie. Baseball, tennis, outdoor rinks. Why not all rinks?

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    People can add photospheres to Google Maps in order to help reviewers verify the location. That's not "submitter identifiable", nor an attempt to influence reviewers. You can't even be sure that the nomination that you're reviewing is from the same person: long ago I saw some new cool graffitis but I didn't have any available nomination so I created a photosphere and after a while someone else nominated those wayspots and they were approved.

    As a reviewer you must verify the location and don't trust blindly photospheres as they are used too many times to forge the correct location (always compare with the satellite view) and if the nomination is a screenshot of the street view then reject it as 3rd party photo.

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    But I mentioned the condition where the player/submitter uses the same ign as the name in Google ID and it's visible to reviewers.

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    Tengo más de un mes con una propuesta aceptada y no aparece en Pokémon GO ni en ingresa a pesar de estar aceptada.

    Quiero solución para eso

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    ・Please implement penalties for malicious applications. It is necessary to limit the application limit for a certain period of time.

    ※In this summer's AMA, there was a comment that "applicants who have applied in the past and have a high LIVE rate will have their application limit increased, and vice versa for applicants with a low LIVE rate.

    ・I want the scope of physical assessment to be expanded. The scope of assessment should be extended to a radius of about 500 km.

    ・In addition, the number of the respondents who have not yet completed the questionnaire is decreasing.

    ・The number of items for the reasons for deletion should be increased or the input column should be revived as before, and feedback should be provided. Specifically, I would like to see items such as facilities that minors cannot use and mass-produced products.

    ・I want to see more information about the facilities and mass-produced goods that are not allowed to be used by minors.

    ・In addition, I want to request that the Scouts be required for the application and deletion requests so that we can check the situation on site.

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    You can't see the name of the person that sent the nomination. You can only guess that it might be the same person that it's displayed in Google, but that's all. In my case you would have thought that the nominations were sent by me as you could see my name in the photosphere, but that would be wrong.

    I've seen also people that created accounts for Google maps with names like "Google Street View", or any kind of alternative to try to trick people that the fake photosphere is real. That's more dangerous than a person that created an account in order to play a game and then reuses the account to upload real data to Google Maps.

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    I would like to ask clarification about the 50 years old rule for tombstones that we can found on the help section of Pokémon GO and Ingress.

    But on Wayfarer help, the 50 years rule is no longer mentioned and we found out that Elvis Presley (died in 1977) tombstone is eligible.

    So which rule to apply? An official answer might help a lot of communities where this debate is held.

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    Why did Niantic lower the level requirements in Ingress (12 -> 10) and PoGo (40 -> 38) to submit and review Wayspots without adding additional incentives for reviewing?

    Especially with how Wayspot Scanning has received new in-game rewards and badge achievements in both games.

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    Niantic's recent changes to the location edit system is resulting in the loss of legitimate pokestops and gym. Ingress portals are not affected as their existence is not tied to S2 Cells.

    Is wayfarer coming up with a better location edit system, and is there a place where we can request these gyms be re-instated without getting a non-relevent generic scripted reply?

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    2 things :
    first, there should be an official communication 
    from Niantic on the measures and the number of 
    sanctions taken against bad voters,bad proposers etc.
    And finally do a few things with the type of criteria 
    of the shops; remove the reason for refusal 
    for "generic" business, 
    but also display an additional eligible criterion to the rules, 
    with images of Bars, Bowling, LaserGames, Cafés, Restaurants, 
    meaning businesses that help bring people together, 
    and exchange between people etc, and that they are  really valid.
    here some examples of refusals

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    I just want to add to this one. Can the nominations go out to a wider review area after a couple weeks in voting in the local review area? When I was in Michigan it took only two weeks to get things nominated and approved. In Arkansas it can take up to a year or more to even go to in voting and like 8 months to get approved or denied. So would opening up the area of review to a larger audience help?

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    I would like a clear criteria of what makes a eligible pokestop. I have personally submitted pokestops of walking track signs and parks and they are were being accepted. But within the past month I have nominated similar pokestops and they are being rejected for ridiculous reasons such as this is not a permanent feature, there is no clear pathway and the most ridiculous reason is it is a body part. For example I nominated a bus stop in front of a park with a clear path way and it was rejected due to it being a body part and not having a clear pathway.

    This is very disappointing. I worked very hard to get to level 40 for the very Interest of nominating pokestops. I as well as many other Pokémon players in my community are disheartened and feel as though we shouldn’t bother submitting pokestops anymore if they are always getting rejected for ridiculous reasons.

    see photo below

  • Reviewers and submitters in our region are few and far between. But the worst part is they all seem to have crazy high standards for what they think should be a pokestop. Basically any local business is not acceptable regardless of cool signage or features. Some think it's a private residence or farm. Things like that.

    So reviewers needa bit of a carrot and a cane.. to encourage usage and discourage harsh rejections (and bad nominations too...somebody tried to nominate a functioning fire hydrant...reason... because it provides water for when peoples houses are burning.. I mean really!?) Best way to do this is to have some sort of senior reviewers that are able to have the final say on nominations that are on the fence... and for appeals too.

    But we also need to think about playability in the area. Most players in my region cant afford to drive 60 minutes for community day so they can find a decent cluster.

    As an example, in a small town I would accept most bed and breakfasts or cafe's to be eligible, because those are points of interest for smaller towns. Maybe not the same 30 year old sign should be acceptable in a city because it's not that interesting in comparison to other things.. This allows the players in that area to find stuff... Not need to drive 20-60min away to a city just to play. If they put some ugly wall feature or a collection of rusted wheelbarrows with plants in them, on their wide verge and there's no stops in site...why not?

    At the same time, Niantic should be supporting local businesses and pushing users to accept them. Many businesses need all the attention they can get.. At the same time, Obviously it must be within reason if there is a block of businesses.. then the whole signboard should be a POI. This "generic business" rejection reason is killing small towns.

    Lastly, after some harsh reviewers bring your rating down.. you now gotta go back to the location and use up your data to nominate it over again. and whether stops get approved or not, depends who is reviewing at the time, more than the actual quality or necessity of a POI.

    Part of the blame is lack of street view updates. So why not allow us to attach a 360 view to the nomination? or a couple 360's even? Ideally again, allowing us to upload at a later time when we are on wifi. Data isn't cheap :P

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    Well, if you read the "Help" sections provided by Niantic, you should have a pretty good idea of what things are eligeable to be POI. Wha criteria would your bus stop meet particularly as Niantic have this to say about such submissions?

    Transit stations

    Transit stations connect and unite people around the world. Submit transportation hubs (like Grand Central Station), but not every single small transit stop (like a subway station or a bus stop).

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    Feature request:

    Would it be possible to change the way agreements work? Instead of agreeing with other members of the community, an agreement would be when you agree with Niantic on a pre-reviewed nomination. That way people are encouraged to review according to the guidelines, instead of how other people in the area vote. There would be no incentive to review fast to get many agreements.

    Of course that would mean that you don't have to get 100 agreements to get an upgrade. Depending on the percentage Niantic reviews, you would have to have a certain number of agreements. Say Niantic pre-reviews 1%, than you would get 1 upgrade for every agreement. If Niantic does 2%, you would need 2 agreements. If Niantic does 0.5%, you would get 2 upgrades for an agreement.

    Your rating would also only be influenced by pre-reviewed nominations. And potentially in the future, Niantic could send out e-mails to all reviewers who reviewed a pre-reviewed nomination, after it has reached a conclusion. Something like: Congratulations Wayfarer! Some time ago you reviewed this nomination, and we follow your judgement. You have been awarded with an agreement and/or your Wayfarer rating has gone up. Or: Hi Wayfarer. Some time ago you reviewed this nomination, and we disagree with your judgement. We think this is (not) a good example of a wayspot for these reasons. Your Wayfarer rating was lowered because of this.

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    The problem is both views are correct, since both are stated on Wayfarer. "Unique in their surroundings" part is mentioned here .

    During reviews, it also indicates "Visually Unique - A visually unique nomination should not be something that is common in the area.", which can be taken both ways.

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    When creating a Photosphere, you can select a Maps Listing - then this will be shown instead f-of the submitter's ID.

    Though it's a great way to spot consistent abusers if they leave their name on it.

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    Elvis as a historical & cultural icon supersedes the 50-year-old rule.

    His tombstone is a tourist attraction in itself.

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    This touches on an important point: One of the reasons wayfinders are always arguing about the guidelines is that the hierarchy of guidelines isn't always clear. In this case, we've got a guideline that says "avoid" nominations in cemeteries, then it's immediately followed by two clarifications could be interrupted as exceptions to that guideline, but also contradict each other a little.

    Your know what would help here? Rigorous use of words like "unless," "except," and "never," so there's no debate over which rules override other rules.

    If Wayfarer really wants to ban cemetery submissions, the rule should say "never nominate objects in cemeteries," but if there are meant to be exceptions to that, it should say "never nominate objects in cemeteries unless they meet criteria A or B or C."

    (An added bonus of hierarchical phrasing: It's easier to translate consistently, so we wouldn't have so many weird complaints that the rules are different in different languages.)

    So, there's the question for Niantic: Do you plan to start making the hierarchy of rules more clear?

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    The rule about cemeteries is a general rule to ensure people stay respectful of people mourning the deceased.

    In the case of Elvis, we are not talking about a generic cemetery, but something that is actively promoted for tourism.

    I do feel the "must be at least 50 years old" is too weak an argument, as a lot of people have died over the years. It doesn't mean they were significant. To quote Niantic "Just because it's old, does not mean it's historic."

    In my town for example, the cemetery holds the graves of a prominent local family (stretching back to previous centuries), who basically built the town, have the main streets named after them etc.

    There's also a famous local sportsman, whose **** was prominently discussed in news articles, who has a bust at a sports center etc. Those aren't just old, but people of special significance to the town, which I feel match criteria.

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    Hello Good afternoon you all.

    In my comunity (portugal) there are a lot of discutions about TRAIL MARKERS and i saw that is one of the most questionable POI on the general comunity.

    i think we need more clear information about them, especially cause there are doubts when a "wrong path" trail marker is elegible just like the "correct way" or directional trail markers, suggesting that the "wrongs" are not usefull or not part of the supposed trail, making the right way or directional Trail Markers the ones to be accepted depending on the other aspects of it.

    Thanks for the atention.

    DemmSax, Portugal

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    Good afternoon, some time ago I created some portals that were perfectly located, over time, I have found out that they have been restored in another location, I tried to put them back in their original situation but I have found that they can no longer be changed just a few meters , but I have realized that they are not the only portals with this problem, someone gave them to be changing everything from their place and now it is impossible to place them well, they could put something where the creators of the portals, could value on the changing locations, so this can be corrected

    Buenas tardes, hace tiempo creé unos portales que estaban perfectamente ubicados, pasado el tiempo, me he enterado que han sido resituados en otra ubicación, intenté volverlos a poner en su situación original pero me he encontrado que ya no se pueden cambiar tan solo unos metros, pero me he dado cuenta, que no son los únicos portales con éste problema, alguien le dio por estar cambiando todo de su lugar y ahora ya es imposible de situarlos bien, podrían poner algo donde los creadores de los portales, pudiesen valorar sobre el cambio de las ubicaciones, para que esto se pueda corregir

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    @XK120-ING or may be because of Ingress players who used to move poi outside 20 metres to get new home portals :D

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