November Criteria AMA - Topics Thread

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Hi folks,

As we've announced, there's a completely new set of review criteria that overrides all previous guidelines and guidance. Learn more here:

Because this is such a big change, I wanted to allow you the opportunity to ask whatever questions you want to the Wayfarer team specific to the new criteria. Please add your questions below through next week and the top 15 will be added to the November AMA (for a total of 30 questions answered).

Thanks again!

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    I notice that there is no section labeled as guidance on what should and should not be included in the supplemental information and supplemental photo. I feel this would be a nice addition to what you have put together.

    Also, I would like to know the answer to @Nadiwereb-PGO's question about phone generated watermarks as opposed to copyright watermarks as a rejection reason.

  • cuantos dias tardan las propuestas mejoradas en ser revisadas?

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    You should probably ask PoGo, then. They control what appears in their app, not the Wayfarer team.

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    In the rejection criteria, it stated that:

    Nominations and edit submissions may be entirely rejected if it meets at least one of the following rejection criteria:

    It used the word “may”. Does it mean that there exist exceptions?

    In the rejection criteria “Does not meet eligibility criteria” section, it stated that:

    The object is mass-produced, generic, or not visually unique or interesting.

    In the old guideline, there exist exceptions. The object is eligible if it has some cultural significance. As a result, playground equipment and basketball court are eligible despite they are mass-produced objects. Is there also an exception in the new criteria?

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    If any rejection criteria applies, nomination is to be rejected, not rated lower. Influencing reviewer is grounds for outright rejection.

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