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@NianticCasey-ING How will this event work for those of us who have already set our home/bonus locations? Will we be able to change it at the start of the event? If we set our home location to Poland will it be stuck there when the event ends?

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    To piggyback off this question, assuming the hometown setting isn't set in Poland, but you still get a Wayspot from Poland due to proximity/visit, are you still eligible?

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    Referring back to the Pokemon GO Exclusive Wayfarer Event in South Korea as linked below:

    There was a caveat feature regarding this event:

    Event content

    You can reset your Niantic Wayfarer home location at the start of the event, or select a representative area to participate in the event through your current home location.

    After the event, we will give you the opportunity to change your hometown again.

    Set or reset your hometown. ① After logging in to Wayfarer, click Settings from the menu on the left. ② Click the pen icon next to your hometown location, search for the area you want to set as your hometown location, select the exact location on the map that appears, and press Save.

    I may not understand Polish much at all, but this seems something I would be interested to participate in to help Poland. But I just changed my bonus location to Tonga two days ago. Hopefully it is able to set/reset the hometown.

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    It is good idea if it would work. But I don't want to have Krakow or Bialystok as home location forever.

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    My home location is Kaliningrad, it's near Poland. Do i must to change location? Usually , i'm review Poland waysports about 70-80%.

    My cell is NR03-FoXTROT-01

  • Hey there,

    Good question, if you want to participate in the event but aren't located in/near Poland you CAN update your Bonus location settings to participate.

    Keep in mind that you can only update this once per year (365 days not calendar year), so proceed with caution.

    To address the other question about proximity, if you're close and you receive a location to review that's within Poland, you'll be a participant and will be able to receive the rewards.

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    Appreciate the clarification! I'm sad I can't participate, but still think this is a fantastic idea and hope it goes well for Poland & nearby and can be considered for more regions in the future.

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    Serious question here Casey, you have a lot of people (read: resources) on this forum that would love to participate and help bring the backlog down, do you not think not being able to reset bonus location on an event like this is a slight problem? just curious to know where the oversight here is.

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    Secondly, I get that you've said in the past that you (Niantic) don't want people reviewing in a language/culture they don't know and/or understand, which I get, it's a valid concern, however is that not MORE of a case for being able to reset your bonus after the event is over? it seems like more of a punishment than a benefit and that doesn't help Niantic's bottom line at the end of the day, your database is a huge asset to the company and restricting people is only hindering that during an event to be stuck in a country for a year afterwards.

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    Good Question, Trainer. The oversight is: noone from the "Ivory Tower" asked us (the people that actually do the work on the system), again (as every time), before making plans. But it is what it is, a test, and next time it will be surely better.

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    I could technically even set my home location there, but for various reasons, I don't really want to. I couldn't revert it if I did and I'm fine with sticking to my current area and its surroundings, actually.

    However, if I was able to set my bonus location to a place in Poland just for the event or for 1-2 months, I'd be fine with that. I'm a native speaker and still have some open submissions (in voting/queue for 3 months) there, so it wouldn't be too bad if I could contribute. There are probably more than enough Poles abroad who could do the same, too, just without the "home location" requirement because it's too limited.

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    Yeah, it was more of a rhetorical question, I don't actually expect an answer from NiaOps since the truth would make them look a little silly (....okay maybe a lot silly), but I wont hold my breathe, "next time" means if they actually took feedback on that would require the devs to code in a monthly bonus reset or something and that means actually doing work, I can't see that happening.

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