Area between sidewalk and street

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Niantic needs to reclarify this quickly. I see tons of people cheering that they dismissed old AMA guidelines and are hurying to get in little free libraries on this technically public space (depending on where you live). There will undoubtedly be lawsuits if they do not clarify this soon.

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    My question for the current AMA has made this point, but perhaps too late to collect votes. This would be the bit about “easements”.

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    As a final note, it’s hard for us to know the local nuances of legal access for a global product, so as a general rule, if the location is on private residential property, it shouldn’t be submitted.

    Sure would be nice if all submitters followed rules for submissions and were at the very least forced to acknowledge the guidelines before submitting!

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    Will comments like this be folded into / appended into the rejection criteria or kept in a single, easy to find and well signposted location so Wayfarer reviewers can find them easily and also link to them easily form other discussion areas?

    Wasn't the point of the criteria reboot that there would no longer be any official comments/clarifications? That users would be just left to interpret the general criteria to the best of their abilities?

  • I think if we did start approving little free libraries, murals on private fences, or unique letterboxes - there will be a flood of submissions of books nailed to fences, graffiti tags, and not so unique letterboxes.

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