Why are Niantic not vocal about wayfarer on social medias and on the app?

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You know telling people the rules changed on social media might help more people reviewing and having a quick link to wayfarer on the app too.

Btw I have friends who had no clue you changed the rule because you only told them on a forum where most people who review don't look.

Having more people aware of Wayfarer would drastically reduce the waiting them and increase your player base.

Also Do something about your paranoid cooldown. I only get cooldowns when I review a few obvious 1* like a mailbox, a cat or an elementary school in a row. Or when I choose between two edits when one is full of grammar mistakes. I know 5 people who stopped reviewing as they were rightfully offended at being punish for doing free labor for you guys. They showed me their ratings and they are all in Great and one is in good.

Right now in my area, it's almost impossible to get a business approved no matter how unique they are as they always get rejected for being "generic". Unless it's a bowling alley or a mini-putt. Maybe you should allow people to flag if their nominations is a business in game and have a different test for people who want to evaluate businesses?


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