Submissions from my city seems to getting in a limbo

Hi, folks.

I was talking with people with my community if it was happening only with me or with them too: besides I selected my city (Campinas - São Paulo State - Brazil) as my primary location, I get very few submissions from here to review. That would not be a problem if I didn’t know that plenty of people have lots of submissions in line waiting to be voted or even been for several months in voting.

As I started to ask my local group, 3 other people reported that players have been talking about the same impression in other local groups. I understand that the review process is not as fast as we would like, but it seems that something odd is happening in our city since in other close cities the process seem to be faster. We are near from São Paulo (90km) and even in a city with a high density of POI like that, I get many more reviews from there than from here.

Is there any known issue or something that could been happening in this regard?

Thanks for the attention.


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