Reid Field House

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Can anyone help me try to figure out why this gets denied? It was denied for “doesnt meet criteria” before was not cultural/historical enough. A field house that is publically accessible, promotes physical activity and is a social hotspot because it hosts concerts, how does this continue to be denied? Any help will be very welcomed


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    This quickly-googled link miiiight be better received by reviewers than a ticketmaster one:

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    Thank you for that, I just feel with this being the second time its been rejected I must be either reading criteria wrong or someone is purposely down voting for no reason what so ever

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    If that one single (indoor) sign is the only one available, you may still have a bit of a rough time getting it accepted, if reviewers cannot "verify" it via streetview imagery. It looks at my quick glance as if it is a photo from indoors? (I can't tell if that reflection is from a window or just from the sign itself.) Mind you I didn't try very hard looking for the spot on Google Maps, so don't know if there are any photospheres, nor what the place looks like from outside.

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    From street view you can see it vaguely for the “reid” sign on the side of the building. The reason i took the picture from the inside was 1. Its a better picture and 2. i would be able to show what the field house actually looks like easier as well. The address would be on the tickemaster website as well

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    From street view you can even see the big “reid” sign from the road. The picture is from indoors only because its easily accessible and a better photo. From street view this is what you see. Either way the website i posted from ticketmaster has the location so its verified that way. :/

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    Although a sport and culture place is without doubt eligible, I see different posibilities why this spot was rejected. The photo is not attractive. Indoor locations are difficult to verify. Public access is questionable.

    Why not submit the outside entrance? It seems to make an attractive apperance.

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    I agree that the outside signs are a better choice because people will be able to verify them. But if you are set on submitting that sign (I didn't check for existing portals there on my ingress map) then I recommend you make your own photosphere showing the sign in place with the Google Street View app.

    Don't make your supporting info so long. After about 200 characters the rest drops off and reviewers don't see it. Get that link @0X00FF00-ING mentioned up front in the supporting information where the reviewers will be able to see it. I would emphasize the points in the new criteria tab that this meets, as you did, just shorten it a bit.

    I can't see your entire supporting photo. Make sure that it shows the sign in place from farther back so people can see that it exists in an accessible place. Overhead nominations are allowed, and an example of that is on the first page of the criteria tab.

    Another fact of life is that upgraded nominations tend to be about 50/50 on getting accepted, even on ones I considered 5*. I guess fewer people look at them to get them through fast? Maybe don't upgrade this one.

    Hope something said in this forum helps!

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    I will try submitting from the outside and using that link. The supporting photo i had didnt show the sign itself, there isnt any existing portal theough ingress as I frequently check the intel map when making any submission as to not waste mine 😅. For the supporting photo idk if i should take a picture of the inside with the sign and have the actual picture of the outside sign for verification reasons, and the inside one so that people can verify it is what I say it is. Everything you guys said seems legit and helpful so I’ll send this into a nomination again and I’m honestly not going to use upgrades any more as a lot seem to get rejected for random reasons. Thinking its mainly people trying to get quick agreements

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    Is Reid Field House a building? I would take a photo of the entire front of the building (or as much of it as you can get into frame). A small sign inside what appears to be another building isn't going to cut it.

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    The field house is part of the recreational centre that is there. It has a few ice hockey rinks, field house, weightroom/gym, also has an upper running track and is next to a major park of the city. I can’t see why a small sign on the inside doesn’t cut it for eligibility reasons so I’d have to disagree on that point as A sign for a park is almost always eligible and they are essentially the same things. But I’m going to go with what others have said about nominating the outside sign instead :)

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    Isn't the field house just a part of the rec center then and thus covered by the Wayspot for that?

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