Fake wayspots approved in the same city

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I'm already tired of this place sending fake wayspots all the time.

I just came across this fake wayspot since it does not have a supporting photo and the photo is very low resolution.

Several wayspots in this area are false, I have come across these wayspots in wayfarer before and I have rejected them for being false and containing low quality photos since no camera takes such low resolution photos but from what I see they have been accepted.

I clarify that not all the waypots in this area are false, only some, here I mention some waypots that are false due to the poor quality of the image that they all share and because some waypots do not match what is seen on the satellite map.

You can check the quality of the images from the wayspots and you will notice.

This pergola is square and on the satellite map we see a round object

Location: -12.775702, -76.551689

This sports field does not exist

Location: -12.775641, -76.552260

This wayspot is a duplicate of one that already exists in another location, I know this because I recently had to review an identical wayspot.

Location: -12.776278, -76.554816

The real wayspot is here, Location: -12.689964, -76.623420

There is clearly no sports slab here.

Location: -12.776653, -76.554802

These children's games do not exist, it is clearly seen that the location is on top of the roof of a house

Location: -12.776539, -76.555555

This church does not exist either

Ubicación: -12.774799, -76.557463

This mural does not exist eitherLocation: -12.773984, -76.558623

I have already reported this and nothing has happened, so I take the liberty of making this publication.

I do not do this to be a bad person but because they are already exceeding and not conforming to a false wayspot they want more since their false wayspot is being accepted.

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