Is it possible to move a POI from one S2 cell to adjacent S2 cell?

I'm a PoGo player and after reaching level 40 recently I had submitted a bunch of nominations without realizing the S2 cell criteria. One of my upgraded nomination got accepted but it did not appear in PoGo. After posting in the forum I came to know that it is within a S2 cell when there is already a POI. So it is visible in Ingress but not in PoGo which I've confirmed.

My accepted nomination is a big auditorium building which lies in multiple S2 cells. Unfortunately, I submitted it **** location close to existing Pokestop. If I resubmit it with same name and with a new location around this auditorium, it will be rejected as a duplicate (someone in the forum told so).

I really want this POI in the game as it is a very busy place and very popular with the students in the University. I do not want to fake it with another name. Would it make sense to make an appeal to move its location by just a few meters around this auditorium. The place around it is a grassy lot with benches. So, it still fulfills the wayspot acceptance criteria.


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