Nominated Wayspot Wrongly Rejected

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edited December 2020 in Invalid Wayspot Appeals

Title of the Wayspot: Guadalupe Parish Holy Water Font

Location: 9.6616604,123.847616

City: Tagbilaran

Country: Philippines

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: The holy water font does exist on the said location and the pinned location is in the premises of a church. Which greatly disappoints me to learn that it was rejected due to a claim that it was in the premises of a private residence or that it does not exist. Clearly, this is a sabotage done by other pokemon go reviewers to prevent the small community in our local area from growing and what's more frustrating is that the nomination committee itself let this happen. The Main photo and the supporting photo I submitted for nomination clearly shows that it was located at the said church and not in a private residence or that it does not exist the area. I know the email said that changes are not possible, but this is unacceptable!


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