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Poland Wayfarer challenge - not able to participate


I'm not sure if someone from Niantic reads this, but I'd like to report maybe a bug.

I took part in the reviewing process during the event in November (fully completed some reviews), so I should be able to take part in todays event (increased fighting type spawn rate, shiny ****). Unfortunately I'm not and I don't understand why. Could someone maybe help?

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This is not an issue on the Wayfarer side.


  • Hi there,

    The Ingress and Pokémon GO rewards are only available for users who contributed to reviews of Polish Wayspot nominations during the challenge timeframe.

    If you were active and reviewing Wayspots during that time but didn't review any Poland-based nominations, you wouldn't be eligible to receive these rewards, I'm sorry to say.

  • TrKowal-PGOTrKowal-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭


    Thanks for answering.

    I knew about Polish-based nominations before. I'm pretty damn sure that at least one of my reviews during the initial event was on a Polish-based pokestop, as I was reviewing them untill I got one. Is there a history of "completed reviews" maybe somewhere?

    It would be possible to check there whether I was really eligible or not (which I think I should be).

    Hope it will be possible to resolve this issue completly. In the meantime, wish you happy holidays! :)

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