Why my nomination got rejected

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I nominated this shrine to make it a pokestop . But it got rejected with the excuse of not having pedestrian access when clearly as you can see in the photo that beside the shrine a large road is present. How can niantic make such a mistake???https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/7RUmJ_5c7D-UYeKVG9qdnvcTViAYZaO88j9Z0aFuosYNI2-UVYX7XFpJNRh0vdZoGDbYmT-48AifsIBJWAz8BNT7QoQE=s0. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/L9FDSI74ufemt1A7i1vyL7Jcl9tj9lR0Agoa5fbIgLo1G8S5Z6n8uvz4CBZLjs34lUabYxPXrHPU7R9pEOYGcYY8uAo=s0

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