Wayspot on K-12 school has returned

Title of the Wayspot: Jezus beeld

Location: 51.17966, 3.56704

City: Eeklo

Country: België

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

1) The supported image contains two maps. On the left a map taken from the school's website found at http://www.coltd.be/schooldomein.php rotated 90 degrees. On the right a snippet from the Ingress intel map.

  • Red: Few surrounding street names.
  • Orange: School property border.
  • Purple: Wayspot location.

2) This page (http://www.coltd.be/studieoverzicht.php) shows the available classes which are all K-12. I can confirm this 100% as I spend my younger years at this school.

3) This wayspot used to exist roughly two years ago under the title 'Gebouw met Jezus'. It was roughly on the same spot but the photo was focuses on the building behind the current Wayspot. It also also had a tiny statue above the front door. Back then it was removed using the previous OPR forum which does not seem to exist anymore.



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