Invalid wayspot appeal - Кладезь Знаний

Title of the Wayspot: Кладезь Знаний

Location: 50.250401,30.480393

City: Gvozdov

Country: Ukraine

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: this wayspot violates three criteria: it is on a private property and it has no historical or cultural significance and poor photo.

Private property: it is placed on a private property in a village Gvozdov. It can't be accessed publicly, cause located in a fenced adjoining territory. You could see it from a photo, taken by one player, arrived to the location (1st screen). Also, u can see that type of this territory is "Private property" (2nd screen, red line) on a screen, taken from a ukrainian cadastral map - resource, driven by ukrainian goverment (,6489745.467532953&z=16&l=kadastr&bl=ortho10k_all)

No historical or cultural significance: the wayspot is a ventilation shaft. It's a common thing, used by villagers for ventilation of cellars. It is not unique, has no history etc.

Poor photo: also a photo is a poor quality one (3rd screen)

So, as you can see, this wayspot violates three criteria and I kindly ask you to remove it.



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