Another fake mosques upon reviewing

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Title of the Wayspot: [see below]

Location: [see below]

City: Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta

Country: Indonesia

Again, found this while reviewing. From a piece of area of this:

You can see that there are some clustered Wayspots on the map. I'll focus on the cluster in the middle, which most of them are fakes:

There are 4 Wayspots in this cluster, consist of 3 mosques and 1 'old' well (Sumur tua). Guess what, those 3 mosque Wayspots are fake (you can compare each of the rooftop from the photo and Satelite view, unless the satelite imagery is a bit outdated). That one old well can't be reported here, as it may be exist (yes, there's no street view), although it was located on the grounds of PRP.

The fake mosques (along with each of their photo, for comparation):

1. Mushola Al Istiqomah -7.909413,110.314737

2. Mushola Klanen -7.909335,110.314379

3. Mushola Nurul Iman -7.909532,110.314300

Please take a look at this. Thank you!



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