I should be a wayspot. Here's why.

I am a great wayspot nomination that meets all the criteria. No, really, I am.

A great place for exploration

Absolutely. I am in a beautiful, historic city with lots to see and do. Players are also free to explore my memories (I have lots of stories) and my insightful opinions on a wide variety of topics.

A great place for exercise

Definitely. At over 2 meters tall I make an excellent climbing frame. I have some experience with Judo and am available for sparring with any player who is interested. Other exercise opportunities in my immediate area include mopping the floor, scrubbing the bath or doing the dishes.

A great place to be social with others

Yep. I have quite a few friends and often entertain visitors. Tea, coffee, wine and beer are usually available. I am a local gem.


I live in an apartment building (not single family PRP). I work from home. I would have access to the portal and so like a work place portal that is only available to the employees, I would be a valid wayspot in terms of accessibility. Others would have access by prior arrangement but since portals do not have to be available to everybody all the time, that shouldn't be a problem.

I'm not on school grounds and I never interfere with the operations of emergency services.

Yeah, but don't you move around a lot?

Not that much. With lock down and working from home I can honestly say that I spend most of time within the 2 meter radius of a portal marker. I shower, go to the toilet and the kitchen but again a portal doesn't need to available to all players all the time. So not a deal breaker.

If, despite my faultless logic, you still don't believe I would make a great wayspot, let me know. I will destroy your weak arguments with L8 blasters of my vast intellect.


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