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Fakes at Schneeberg, part 1

City: Grießbach, part of Schneeberg

Country: Germany, Saxony

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: Sory, not for this amount of obvious fakes. For single wayspots, that are harder to prove I'll do it according to the usual form ;)

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

The whole loop there seems consists of veryobvious fakes. Only the two portals in the blue boxes could exist there, but I assume they are fake ones, too. Besides this nearly evrything there is at the area of single family properties.

In Detail:

Title: Anthon Günther 1876-1937


Additional information: This stone is already an existing portal a few kilometres away; the difference between the pictures is only the new additional plaque at the exact same stone. Besides this it's ver obvious, that the Location is fake, because there is not enough nature like shown in the portal picture. Original one:,12.629603&z=17&pll=50.613856,12.629603

Photos to support your claim:

Title: Gedenktafel Bismarck-Turm


Additional information: This plaque is stolen from nearly the same place like the stone above. It's a small infoboard about a historical building. The tower "Bismarck Turm". This plaque is at the real location of the tower, and not in front of an obvious single family home. Original tower portal:,12.630324&z=17&pll=50.613482,12.630324

Bismark-Turm is a very common name for watchout towers in Germany, but Schneeberg has exactly one. Here is a list of all of the German towers with this name, Schneeberg is only mentioned once:

Titles: Marmor Frau, Trauernde Frau, Lob Gottes, Sei mir ein Fels


Additional information: All of those pictures are obviously from graveyard objects, but the satelite map shows only single family properties, and garages. the only wayspot picture, that gives us a hint, where they are stolen, is the last one. One can identify the house in tea background as part of the highschool there (german word for this: Gymnasium). So its simply stolen from the towns central graveyard, view from east to west directon, roughly.

Photos to support your claim:

Title: Stromzwerg


Additional information: The location is simply totally mismatching. It's located at a garage yard. The picture shows only meadow and a few houses in the background. The other side of the street doesnt show any hint for a powerhouse nor doe the curve of the street fit to the background of the picture. So this picture is also stolen from further away.

Title: Gesenktafel Kunstschule Schneeberg


Additional information: this is a small infoboard about the building of the outpost of the University of Zwickau. The faculty/institute for arts ("Angewandte Kunst") is at Schneeberg, but far away from the location of the wayspot.

Real location:

The real object should be at one of the main entrances, the blue boxes. So please dont delete this wayspot, move it to 50.6025008,12.6425838 instead of deleting.

Title: Hasta la vista


Additional information: This mural/grafiti is on a wall, and that wall has a very common texture. the building style shows, that this is somewhere at the back of a very common mass produced garage array, building style typically for GDR era. The sat pic shows only a single garage of a single family residential. This doesn't fit. And further: The faker claims, that a picture like this would be next to lots of graveyard objects .... good joke. That's ghoulish and without piety ...

Title: Schwarzer Engel


Additional information: Possibly this mural could be there, possibly not. But nethertheless its located at private property in the sense of single family residential property.

So please check the circumstances of the submission: meta data, the quality of the supporting picture to (not?) verify the location and so on, and compare, whether the same person did thsi submission like the examples above.

Title: Infotafel Wandergebiet Schneeberg


Additional information: This is a map for hiking. It's obviously at a wall. The satelite picture shows no wall next to the wayspots location, and the place doesn't look like a place for hikers. So I would assume the real location of this infoboard is somewhere in the centre of the city, or it could be at the Bismarck-Turm mentioned above. So please check here also he circumstances of the submission: meta data, the quality of the supporting picture to (not?) verify the location and so on, and compare, whether the same person did this submission like the examples above.



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