Thoughts about the 10m location edit restriction?

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Considering that it has been just over 6 months since they were first disabled, I am wondering whether it was the right thing to do and evaluating the impact that it has done.

Personally, it has not changed much. While I am disappointed that I cannot freely move things into their right position, it did remove most of the ludicrous location efforts from a wayspots real location to someones house. But the whole shifting to an empty S2 cell thing? Nope, even if it only needs a few metres to move to the next cell, Wayfarer is rife with these location edits that clearly degrade its real location or are completely unnecessary. My last post that reported this was deleted by Niantic.

Still, there needs to be a way to address this. Don't just give a full radius of the location edit to anyone who just reaches a certain level. If they have good edits in the past (whether it is location or anything else) or if they are pulling their weight in Wayfarer by doing reviews, then give them more range. At least 20m or even 50m would be good. If they are showing abuse again, start restricting again their location to a smaller radius.

And give the ability to actually stop people from suggesting location edits, whether it is player-specific or wayspot specific. Endlessly I have been seeing the same post office being moved for months on end, and even more location choices are being presented just to move the point over to the next S2 cell. If you can disable editing the location of one thing to everyone so that person is stopped from doing edits to it, the Wayfarer queues would definitely be much faster.


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    I have to say, when I zoom in as far as I can on the PC screen and the two possible selections for the pin placement overlap nearly all the way, I do wonder what the point of that particular edit is.

    I also get tired of seeing the same or similar edits for a particular stop coming round time after time, as someone tries to move the wayspot away from where is correctly placed to a location that they want for some reason. After a stop has been edited once, it would be good if Niantic could "lock" that stop to prevent further edits repeatedly entering the system and send an automatic e-mail to the person submitting the edit. Any problems with this approach, well there is a "Location Edit Appeal" section to these forums.

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    edited December 2020

    Maybe let lv 16 ingress agents modify up to 50m, I've got a list of like 400 portals that are off more than 10m as we have around 2000 portals from the early portal-**** days that really need to be patched up location wise in the city. The barrier to lv 16 in Ingress is pretty big, so shouldn't be very abusable.

    But please please PLEASE let us attach photos to portal move requests.

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    In what I agree, is that photographic evidence or 360 ° image must be sent for portal editions. The limitation of 10 meters for editing has been taken lightly, causing players to modify in such a way that the cell favors them. In my city before I was only a coach who suggested editions to create PoGo gyms, but he has influenced several to continue his ideals, turning into chaos, currently he plays ingress to be able to edit inaccessible portals in PoGo. So I propose that they become more strict with the big and small editions or increase the necessary level or the requirements for edition of wayspots in all the games.

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    I really hope the 10m rule fixed a serious problem because it made it practically impossible to fix misplaced portals. Although now that a lot of wayfarers are rejecting every location edit regardless of if it's an improvement anyway I guess that sort of mitigates the issue. Location edits are now all but pointless in every way.

    Please re-evaluate any S2 based rules on a global scale and not just when an edit touches the waypoint to further discourage people from rejecting every edit and then turn the 10m restriction off.

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    Honestly, for me personally it has been great, as I've had a lot of success finally getting wayspots moved to their proper location after reporting them through the new version of the Google form (for edits over 10 meters). Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure I still have edits sitting unresolved from the first day edits were available worldwide in Pokémon GO.

    That said, for the community at large who certainly aren't aware of the form's existence, I'm concerned that there are a lot of legitimate location edits that would have been (eventually) accepted under the old system that are just never going to get submitted.

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    You could still use the location edit appeals forum for wayspot edits that couldn't go through the review system?

    The lack of feedback for the form is a turn-off for me, but I have used it. I just don't know if anything was actually fixed as a result of it.

  • "At least 20m or even 50m would be good"- agree.

    Ultimately, if the request for relocation is wrong- it will not be acceptable.

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