Common area and entrances of residential condominiums - eligible or not?

PokeFerro-PGOPokeFerro-PGO Posts: 5
edited December 2020 in Criteria Clarifications

Recently I've being facing lots of people saying that the common area of residential condominiums, like multi-sport courts, playgrounds and beautiful entrances are eligible for pokestops. Their explanation is that there is a misunderstanding in the prohibition of pokestops inside the residences itself, which could expose peoples privacy and even safety. The common areas of residential condominiums don't have these downsides.

However, there is a guideline that pokestops that only benefit a small number of players are not eligible.

So, I think the solution of this debate would be to assure a way to determine whether or not a condominium represents enough amount of people in order to be eligible for a pokestop.

What do you guys and Niantic think about it?


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