Post-Office Appeal

Title of the Wayspot: Post-Filiale am Eulenberg / Post am Eulenberg

Location: 51,272588/12,355771

City: Markkleeberg

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

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Additional information: Hi Guys, today I received the email that my nomination for the wayspot was declined without any reason (of course). And I really dont know why. I got the location right (additional screenshot 1). A Post-Office itself is an Example for a Wayspot under "A great place to be social with others" (additional Screenshot 2). This is the only real post-office in my town (there are only shops where you can send a delivery, but they mainly sell other things like Magazines and Newspaper or Tabacco). There is clearly safe access for pedestrians. I even asked in this forum in "Nomination Improvement" and anybody said it should work:

So I'm still thinking, this should be a wayspot and I appeal the Decision that it was rejected.

Thank you for your Time and Merry Christmas to everyone.


  • LukeAllStars-INGLukeAllStars-ING Posts: 4,622 Ambassador
    edited December 2020

    Q: How can I appeal rejected POI submissions?

    A: You cant do this currently, the community review is not changeable. You have to resubmit it. I would suggest posting your submission in the "Nomination improvement" category first getting some feedback before rushing to a new submission. This can also help you not waisting any upgrades.

    In your case, I remembered seeing this submission an a different discussion. It does meet criteria but there were some tipps by the community.

    Also, you took my description one by one. Thats not bad, I would delete the (bzw. des Ortes). I just wrote it because I didnt knew whetehr your locartion is a city or a village.

  • There were three tips in the "Nomination Improvement" Discussion. Two of them (yours and another) I could implement, which I did. The third was changing the Photo of the Wayspot which wasn't possible anymore. But all three tips weren't that big of a Deal, I'd gess.

  • DerWelfe2205-PGODerWelfe2205-PGO Posts: 374 ✭✭✭✭

    Should have been accepted. German reviewers don't always care about the rules (speaking from experience). Niantic won't help you though - at least not at the moment. I guess they don't have the capacity to reevaluate submissions and they don't do exceptions.

  • Appeal Denied - Thanks for the appeal, Trainer. We're not currently reviewing PokéStop submissions. Please resubmit the nomination by improving its title/description if you feel that it was a valid nomination.

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