Waypoints in China

Due to the warping of GPS in Mainland China, it is incredibly difficult to figure out if the GPS location of the waypoint is accurate. Moreover, I live in Hong Kong but have been swamped with Mainland Chinese submissions, which I am unfamiliar with as it is after all across a border which I have not crossed in over a decade. It would be great if we could choose not to do Mainland Chinese waypoints.


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    Well, that's solely purposed for Ingress players in Mainland China.

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    I live in Taiwan and review some nominations from China occasionally. Most of them do not have google street view, so it is hard to verify the location. I usually rate 3* on location accuracy. In my opinion, local knowledge is critical in those cases. Without local knowledge, we cannot make correct decisions.

    By the way, there is also no street view in Germany. I think it is difficult for them to check if the location is correct.

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    yep, Germany is a catastrophe... And players using this as advantage for faking POIs

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    German reviewer here:

    There is a big difference to china for us: our satelite maps are accurate. In China even the satelite view have large distortions, as far as I know. So the only complicated thing in our country is the lack of streetview spheres. They have a difficult state in front of our laws - I'm not fully into this topic, but it something like that: a private person is allowed to publish views including private properties of others due to law called freedom of panorama. Companies like google arent allowed to do this. To publish their streetviews they need to ask house owners, if they would like to see their properties censored/blurred. Google started with their automatic streetview taken by the google cars, and stopped it, because it was too much effort needed to do all these censorship requests, and they didnt expect, that there would be a large resonance on this. The stereotypes of German control freaks are totally true: lots of German people dont want to see their property in streetview, so there were lots of censorship requests. And there were lots of eggs and rotten tomatoes thrown on google cars back then xD

    Consequences for our reviewing here:

    With a good supporting picture evrything can be verified together with the satelite view. So if there is a useless supporting picture, then I usually 1* the candidate with "mismatched location". Only exception is stuff in the middle of a forest, but that's a location, where most likely no abuse shoud be involved, so I 3* these in the locations accuracy category.

    Nethertheless we have sometimes streetview in bigger cities, or created by the submitters. Due to the lack of original and unmanipulated google car streetviews, we can figure out PS-manipulated streetviews better. This is unfortunately no rare phenomenon....

    So the take-home-message for all reviewers, who have streetview nearly evrywhere: double check the streetview with the satelite view in evry submission. So there is a range between photoshop spheres and minor abuse like distortions following the line of sight between sphere position and object - so on the line of sight a lot of location abuse can happen and the reviewer doesnt see this without a look at a satelite view....

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